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advertise on Classic car curation

We are currently working to identify and develop opportunities to generate additional income for our classic car site, which will be used use to implement new ideas and functions.


As part of this, we are running an advertising service tailored for the classic and public sector organisations.

This will enable us to create new revenue streams from advertising placed on our Classic Car Curation, allowing integration of new features and event coverage more efficiently.

Any income generated from this type of advertising will be utilised to subsidise the general upkeep and development of the site.

Advert Types

Text Banners
Footer Advert Banners
Header Banner
Post banners

Advertising campaigns

The advertising campaigns that appear on our website have been directly selected by us, but we do have an advertising policy in place that strictly prohibits certain types of advertisement.

By promoting adverts on Classic Car Curation, we are not in any way endorsing or recommending the advertisers products or services, company or organisation.

Similarly, we don’t accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or for any consequences arising when visiting third party websites from the advertising links on our site.

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