100 Mile Triumph TR8 Time Capsule Goes Up For Sale

Triumph TR8
Triumph TR8 with only 100 miles from climate controlled storage

If you’re in the market for a Triumph time capsule then take a look at this incredible 1981 Triumph TR8 thats been hiding for decades with only 100 miles recorded on its incredibly lazy speedometer.

The dashing V8 ‘rag top’ still retains that new smell we all try to emulate with our hideous coconut fresheners and was stored following a short roll of the tyres to its climate controlled storage, hence the 100 miles on the clock.

Triumph TR8
Triumph TR8 with only 100 miles recorded

Based on the earlier Harris Mann TR7, the wedged ‘English Corvette’ could never satisfy the insatiable purists ‘we love the raunchy TR6 better’ attitude; hence only around 400 fuel injected units were built, with many shipped to our more adventurous glitzy American neighbours.

Imported in the final year, this makes the car even more desirable and could even justify the near $50,000 price tag attached to it.

Triumph TR8 with matching roof

Climate controlled storage seems to have kept the time machine looking factory fresh, even down to the original tyres, although anyone looking to purchase this V8 powered beast would be advised to change them regardless.

Dressed in period ‘hearing aid’ Aran Beige and matching tan folding roof, the colour coordination does seem to work. The original 3.5-litre V8 still resides under the bonnet and looks like dinner could be served directly from its rocker cover or gleaming strut tops.

Fuel injected and five-speed box to boot, this darting classic even outsold the more cherished TR6 and comes with ceramic coated exhaust manifolds to prevent corrosion, underside photographs and all paperwork a true collector would require.

Triumph TR8
Triumph TR8 could bring $50,000

Interested in this timepiece?

All information can be found here.

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