1:8 LEGO Auto Union Type C Moves Into Product Review Stage

Lego 1:8 replica of the illustrious Auto Union Type C racecar from 1936
Lego 1:8 replica of the illustrious Auto Union Type C racecar from 1936

The amazing 1:8 LEGO Auto Union Type C recreation of the illustrious racecar from 1936 is now in the ‘product review’ stage after reaching the crucial 10,000 votes chequered flag.

Domination of the German marque, Mercedes-Benz came to an abrupt end when Auto Union Type C was eventually perfected, although the time frame was longer than expected. The much-respected racer was an unbalanced machine with an overweight powerplant in comparison to the frugal chassis and body construction.

Much like the Type A and B, Type C was fitted with a supercharged V16 engine that produced in excess of 500-horsepower. Something the Lego team have replicated with near-perfect accuracy using their trademark plastic bricks.

LEGO 1:8 Auto Union Type C

LEGO has managed to recreate that ‘unbalanced’ look with remarkable detail with the engine sitting perfectly behind the drivers small but delightfully contained instrumentation assemblage.

Measuring a desirable 50cm long, every single panel is removable with detailing and proportions matching the real machine with magnificent accuracy. Front and rear suspension are independent with track-rods, steering and cockpit area made to look as authentic as the 1936 racers themselves.

Lego Auto Union Type C Engine Bay
Lego Auto Union Type C Engine Bay

The pre-war model racing machine has now reached the crucial review stage where, if successful, will move into construction and finalisation before production begins.

1:8 Lego Auto Union Type C
1:8 Lego Auto Union Type C

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LEGO Bentley Blower

Another stunning LEGO creation to hit the crucial 10,000 votes is the Bentley Blower which means the model could also move into production soon if, like the Auto Union, gains product approval in the review stage. One of the most famous classic racers of all time – the 4½-Litre Bentley ‘Blower’ has been recreated in LEGO by a young student of architecture, Ben Croot.

LEGO Bentley 'Blower'
LEGO Bentley ‘Blower’

As yet LEGO hasn’t dipped its plastic bricks into the world of vintage motoring which led to 18-year-old Ben deciding it was time to bring something British and classic to the legendary toy brand.

Let’s hope both are successful!

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    In short, users propose their constructions in a place like LEGO IDEAS and after obtaining 10,000. Votes are a chance that your project will become a product.
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