1975 Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van ‘Land Crab’ Is Up For Sale

Austin 1800 UTE - Panel Van
Austin 1800 UTE - Panel Van

If you’re looking for something that’s classic and different, this 1970 Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van could be just the ticket providing you’ve around £20K lying around the kitchen.

The lovable Austin 1800 ‘Land Crab’ was big, bulky and although handled way better than the Dagenham dustbin, failed to impress its expectant British public who were looking for something with a smaller engine and more reliable than LNER.

Its insatiable thirst for 20W-50 was matched by an almost ghostly autonomous gear lever that often felt like stirring my grandmother’s dumplings in the cold winter months in the 70s, but the overriding factor, albeit not for the blighty residents, was its ability to provide more space than the average three-bedroom semi in Manchester.

Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van
1975 Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van

So, where did this Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van appear from? Its the brainchild of a certain Danny Baird who decided it was time to develop a ‘Panel Van’ and started with a pair of unlikely candidates in the shape of Austin 1800s.

Beginning with two Austin UTE’s in 2006, it was suggested by a friend, Jason Cavanagh and assistance from willing sheet-metalwork, Graham Lord, that the outcome could be something special and built to the highest quality. Father and father-in-law were enlisted and so the project gathered momentum with a 3 and a half year time-frame envisaged.

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The budding team left no stone unturned, quickly sourcing a container full of Austin 1880 parts, then proceeded to carry out a ‘no expense’ spared build that began with a 1972 Holden HQ Panel Van being used as the donor for the roof.

Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van
1975 Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van

DD Classics describe the rear opening tailgate/door as being made up of another UTE rear cab window and the original tailgate, with the seating arrangement, changed to conform with the seat belt regulations, hence two seats and not the original bench seat. A thorough 4-page engineers report is nothing but congratulatory on the final product.

There is no doubt this metallic Green ADO17 or ‘Land Crab’ stands out of the often mundane classic crowd but would you be willing to part with £19,950? If so, visit this link.

Austin 1800 UTE/Panel Van

  • Absolutely show-stopping appearance
  • Wonderful history file, including photographs of the restoration and hand-drawn design sketches
  • Four-page engineers report details the high-quality craftmanship carried out
  • Electric Power steering
  • Alloy wheels
  • Low profile tyres
  • Wood-rim Steering wheel
  • Top-tinted windscreen
  • Fully trimmed interior
  • Reclining seats
  • Crome custom made roof rack

Images courtesy DD Classics