1994 McLaren F1 ‘LM-Spec’ Heads To Monterey For $23,000,000

McLaren F1
McLaren F1 LM Specification - Est: $23,000,000

An incredible 1994 McLaren F1 ‘LM-Specification’ will go under the hammer in Monterey on August 15 – 17 2019 with an astonishing estimate of $23,000,000.

A dream and vision of former Brabham Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray, the ultra-rare McLaren F1 supercar has stealth-like appeal embracing technical precision design and authoritative performance; both working in perfect synergy in a car that literally has no limitations.

The lightweight monocoque chassis was mounted with exquisite carbon-fiber coachwork, with the iconic central driving seat position spearheading the F1 three-seat configuration. The visual impact is spectacular with vertical dihedral scissor doors, a roof-placed engine intake, and distinctive diagonal side-vent diffusers.

Production models are particularly thin on the tarmac with only 64 of the iconic F1 road cars built through 1997; all of which are retained within affluent collections and dare we say rarely driven let alone seen on a highway.

Sotheby’s reports that following completion of the full production run in 1997, McLaren upgraded two “standard” F1 road cars to LM specifications, including upgrading the engine to unrestricted 680 hp GTR specification.

Serial no. 073 (which RM Sotheby’s also had the honour of offering for sale) and the featured car, serial no. 018, were additionally equipped with the Extra-High Downforce Kit that included (and exceeded) the coachwork effects of the LM examples, including the front air vents and rear wing. Notably, these two cars retain their more comfortably outfitted interiors over the more spartan LM trim.

This particular F1 was built in 1994, and it was originally finished in Midnight Blue Pearl over a black interior and dispatched to its first owner, an enthusiast residing in Japan. In 1999 the F1 was sold to a collector in Germany, and he returned the car to the factory in Surrey in 2000 to commission a series of upgrades to LM specifications.

Incredibly rare the car currently remains in outstanding condition, with a thorough record of regular service by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), including several replacements of the fuel cell on its 18-month schedule.

McLaren F1 LM Specification
McLaren F1 LM Specification

The F1 displays less than 21,500 km (13,352 miles)on its odometer.

Whilst the car is staggeringly expensive one would assume its extreme rarity will entice the most distinguished of collectors.

More information on this auction can be found via this link.


All images courtesy of RM Sotheby’s.

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