78 Mile Preserved 1976 Citroën GS Pallas TC Goes Under The Hammer

1976 Citroën GS Pallas TC

Those looking to grab a slice of French nostalgia could well be in luck, as this 1976 Citroën GS Pallas TC goes under the hammer this afternoon (Est: £4000).

The quirky 70s hatchback is even equipped with its very own original tax disk, which expired approximately 41 years ago in the month of July 1977. Tax disks are often sought after by potential investors and this alone could bring a few hundred pounds.

Manufactured by Citroën between 1970-1986 in saloon and estate versions, the GS was given a makeover in 1979 and was subsequently marketed as the GSA in hatchback and estate bodystyles (1979-1986).

This particular pre-facelift 1976 Citroën GS Pallas TC still has the original plastic covers attached to its very unused seats.

Reportedly purchased as a sound investment, the mechanic locked the brown Pallas away for the next 42 years. Following the owners death, his family stumbled upon the lost treasure and duly had the vehicle inspected by a third party.

1976 Citroën GS Pallas TC
1976 Citroën GS Pallas TC

Robert Horner, of Eddisons CJM Auctions explained:
“Its an amazing find – almost like a time warp.

“It was bought by a motor mechanic back in 1976 after his accountant advised him to spend some money rather than having it lying around doing nothing.

“He bought a car, like most of us would buy a wardrobe, and then just locked it up in a garage.”

It has remained untouched and perfectly preserved for the next owner to either keep, or bring back to its former shining glory.

The 1.2 TC has a recorded mileage of only 78 miles on its very lazy speedometer.

Anyone wishing to bid online can do so here, but be quick the auction clock is ticking!

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