Alfa Romeo Celebrate Valentine’s Day With ‘Passione’

Passione: The inspirations and influences of Alfa Romeo design

Alfa Romeo’s long-standing automotive love affair with design and styling has continued over the last 110 years with individuality and a ‘Passione‘ second to very few if any…

The famous Italian marque officially celebrated its 110th birthday in June 2020 and ahead of Valentine’s Day, this Sunday has created a spectacular interactive e-book that chronicles the heritage, influences and exploration of the brand’s passion for impactful and iconic Italian design over the last 110 years.

Exclusive renderings and sketches from the designers at Centro Stile, examine the brand’s journey and automotive significance in global design and include some fascinating material ranging from its foundation and roots to future aspirations.

Alfa Stradale - Passione

The chapters of Passione include:

  • Centro Stile – Founded in 1971 and based in Turin, Centro Stile oversees design for Alfa Romeo.
  • Italian roots – From Roman architecture, Renaissance painting or modern art, Alfa Romeo’s Italian roots run deep, influencing the brand’s design to this day.
  • Heritage – Alfa Romeo leverages its illustrious past to inspire the designs of today and tomorrow. Cues from legendary cars such as the 33 Stradale and Giulia GT can be seen on the modern 4C Spider and Tonale PHEV crossover concept.
  • Purity – Great Italian design is pure and honest, untainted by excess or extravagance. Purity is what makes Italian design timeless.
  • Disruption – Throughout its history Alfa Romeo design set trends, broke norms and shocked the world with pioneering designs.
  • Red – The color of Italy. The color of Alfa Romeo. Red is a symbol of Italian culture and a hallmark of Alfa Romeo most iconic models.
  • Beauty is everywhere – From exotic vehicles such as the 4C Spider and 8C Competizione to mainstream sedans, crossovers and compact hatchbacks, Alfa Romeo models embody timeless beauty.
  • Beauty and the beast – Elegance meets strength. Style dresses speed. Alfa Romeo design speaks to both power and performance.
  • Design melting pot – Bertone, Pininfarina, Zagato, to name a few. While most Italian car companies have partnered with one or two coachbuilders over time, Alfa Romeo has collaborated with several, creating a diverse catalog of iconic designs.
  • Exploration – From the upcoming Tonale PHEV crossover concept to beyond, this chapter highlights Alfa Romeo’s passion for exploring new territories.

You can read ‘Passione’ via this link on any device.

Centro Stile Alfa Romeo
Iconic Alfa Romeo design is made by pure and honest shapes. Purity and honesty create attention without distraction. A design that is pure and honest can stand the test of time…

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