Alfa Romeo Museum Reopens Doors For 110 Year Celebrations

The amazing Alfa Romeo Museum will reopen its doors on June 24, 2020, for the 110th-anniversary celebration of the illustrious Italian marque.

Located in Arese, on the outskirts of Milan, the beautiful collection will reopen its doors to the public once again following the pandemic restrictions for its anniversary celebrations of the illustrious Alfa Romeo brand.


  • In the 1960s, a company museum was built inside Alfa Romeo’s Arese headquarters, where the house of the Biscione had moved after leaving the Portello site in Milan
  • Inaugurated on December 18, 1976, the museum for decades was structured as the company’s private collection, which could only be visited by appointment
  • In 2011, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage submitted it for protection as a place of historical interest
  • After remaining closed for a while, the museum reopened to the public on June 24, 2015, following a major work of restructuring and redevelopment performed under the direction of Architect Benedetto Camerana from Studio Camerana & Partners
  • The reopening took place on the day of the world premiere of the new Giulia, the symbol of Alfa Romeo’s relaunch
  • The “new” Alfa Romeo Museum is now a place where 110 years of heritage closely intertwine with the history of Italy, narrated and explained to an audience from more than 120 countries
Alfa Romeo 8C
Alfa Romeo 8C outside the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese

About 70 cars are on permanent public display. They have marked not only the evolution of the brand but the very history of automobiles.

Notable vehicles include:

  • The first car branded A.L.F.A., the 24 HP
  • The Tipo P2, which became World Champion in 1925
  • The Alfettas 158 and 159 that won the first two Formula 1 titles in history
  • The 8C 2900 B “Le Mans”
  • The red Duetto spider made famous by the film “The Graduate”
  • The legendary 33 Stradale

The essence of the brand is condensed into three thematic areas:

  • Timeline – represents the brand’s industrial continuity
  • Bellezza (Beauty) – combines style, design and lifestyle
  • Velocitá (Speed) – a synthesis of technology, sportiness and driving pleasure
Alfa Romeo Carabo Concept
Alfa Romeo Museum – Bellezza Section – Alfa Romeo Carabo Concept

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  • The museum layout underlines the identity traits that belong to Alfa Romeo’s DNA
  • The DNA is depicted in an evocative light installation that crosses the building vertically: lights, words and stylistic signs that come to life in a show with a descending helicoidal movement to symbolize the brand’s stylistic continuity and technological consistency over time
  • The building has a red canopy that crosses the entire complex and traces the route from the parking lot to the museum – a red ribbon that leads visitors to the beginning of the exhibition itinerary
  • The canopy is clearly visible from the motorway in its “Alfa red” colour and is the symbol of the rebirth of the museum
Bellezza Section
Alfa Romeo Museum – Bellezza Section

In addition to the cars on permanent display, the museum’s historical collection includes:

  • 150 additional cars
  • Dozens of automotive, aeronautical and marine engines
  • Hundreds of models, trophies, art objects and accessories
  • An airplane
  • A racing motorboat
  • Even a gas cooker
Alfa Romeo Museum
Alfa Romeo Museum – Speed Section

All of these items, which are kept in a dedicated space that can be visited by appointment, constitute an extraordinary treasure that allows the museum to organize temporary theme-based exhibitions, which periodically alternate in the museum foyer and corridors.

These additional vehicles also allow the Alfa Romeo Museum to participate in external events, both static and dynamic, as well as national and international fairs and collaboration with other museums, including the possibility of occasionally loaning cars to particularly significant exhibitions.

To meet the needs of enthusiasts, the museum also organizes a series of in-depth feature events, including:

  • Backstage – Monthly appointments to enhance the history of the brand by exhibiting and studying rare specimens not usually shown to the public
  • Open Bonnets – For a whole weekend, all cars in the museum are displayed with open bonnets, so visitors get the exceptional opportunity to admire the mechanics, the very “heart” of Alfa Romeo vehicles
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix Live Screenings – Held in an auditorium with maxi screen specially set up to welcome fans in a real “Alfa Romeo grandstand”