All Electric British Sports Car ‘Aura’ Deals With Range Anxiety

Aura Concept - British Sports Car
Aura Concept - British Sports Car

Feast your eyes on the Aura – an all-electric British sports car concept designed to connect the driver with the vehicle and their surroundings…

While everyone’s been in lockdown lazy mode, four British companies, funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) through the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN), have been working hard on an all-electric two-seater roofless concept sports car, aimed to show what the future of driver’s cars could look like and this is it… apparently.

Astheimer, Potenza Technology , BAMD, and Conjure got their heads together and decided it was time to address the EV ‘anxiety’ issue that doesn’t exist in the perfect world.

Aura Concept - British Sports Car

It features sustainable composite materials, some novel battery technology, drivetrain efficiency, and clever aerodynamics.

Albeit in a minimalistic way, the cabin area has been designed around a unique and cutting-edge human-machine interface (HMI), that connects the driver with his or her machine, its surroundings, and ‘nature’ in a bid to eradicate any range fears that commonly associated with electric motoring. The end product is a system that manages real-world range readings to within 0.5 per cent.

Aura Concept - British Sports Car

What the hell does that mean you ask?
Picture this. You’ll be sitting in front of a five-inch, self-leveling, circular steering wheel-mounted display that has key information such as range, weather, and other relevant driving paraphernalia being computed while you drive along smiling.

Concept - British Sports Car

There’s more… all of this technology works in complete synergy with a ten-inch touchscreen in the middle of the cabin providing you with a virtual 3D view of real-world performance and aerodynamic views that also allows you to update your driving style to maximize any range based on any given surroundings.

Aura Concept - British Sports Car

In short, exactly what you’d normally do with a little help from some nifty and hopefully glitch free software.

What’s the range?
A rear-wheel drive all-electric powertrain coupled with lightweight panels constructed from composite fibresmeans the Aura has a range of around 400 miles through two 44 kWh batteries (total 88 kWh).

The enabling team behind Aura will be at CENEX-LCV show on the NVN stand at Millbrook Proving Ground, located at Govt. Pavilion, Hall 3 on 22 and 23 September and a range of events in the UK.

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