Alvis Complete Its First Post War Continuation Graber Super Coupé

Alvis - Graber Super Coupé
Alvis - Graber Super Coupé

Revived British automotive manufacturer, Alvis has finally completed its first post-war Continuation Series car – the Graber Super Coupé…

It was back in the pre-pandemic days when the company decided it was time to add an extended range of Continuation Series cars in the shape of road-legal pre-and post-War continuation cars, using vital and key components such as chassis that have been stored for over half a century.

After a difficult two years riddled with delays, Alvis has built its first post-war Continuation Series model, a wonderful 3.0-litre Graber Super Coupé. The brand-new Graber was hand-built at its Kenilworth Works, the home of Red Triangle, Alvis’ service and restoration centre, that was created when the original Coventry factory closed in 1968 and is destined for the Asian market via Meiji Sangyo, Alvis’ Japanese distributor.

Alvis - Graber Super Coupé

One of six variants on offer, the Graber Super Coupé is powered by either an in-house designed 3-litre or 4.3-litre Alvis-designed in-line six-cylinder engine, developed from the original Works designs and, thanks to fuel injection and modern engine management electronics, meets legislation in a number of markets including Japan.

Director, Alan Stote said:
“Seeing the Graber Super Coupé leave the works at Kenilworth for the first time was a huge moment for all of us at The Alvis Car Company. So much hard work has gone into producing it by our staff over the past two years, that it’s almost sad to see it leave.

“The all-aluminium bodywork looks stunning up close, the engine runs faultlessly and the handcrafted interior is both comfortable and stylish. As a complete package, this Graber serves as a reminder that our manufacturing processes, which haven’t changed at Alvis since the early 20th century, still produce a product of the highest quality. And unlike so many continuation cars, we have ensured this can be enjoyed on the road.”

Alvis - Graber Super Coupé
Original Graber Coupé

The company says it has worked tirelessly with VOSA to ensure its range is fully IVA-approved and road-legal with each derivative taking between 4-5,000 hours to build and featuring period bodywork styles created by prestigious coachbuilders of the time.

Alvis - Graber Super Coupé

Now that the Graber Super Coupé is completed the company will begin the task of producing the first Continuation Series Graber Cabriolet, which is also set to be exported to the Far East in 2022 and in parallel, the first Lancefield pre-war 4.3 chassis car.

How Much Do They Cost?

The Graber Super Coupé will cost you around £323,000 while other pre-war Continuation Series cars start at £295,000…

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