Aston Martin DB5 Junior 007 Could Be Yours For £45,000

Aston Martin DB5 Junior
Aston Martin DB5 Junior

The Little Car Company announced another classic collaboration – this time it’s with Aston Martin and a secret agent DB5 Junior.

Aston Martin and The Little Car Company today announce the Aston Martin DB5 Junior, a two-thirds scale electric junior car which measures in at an impressive and beautifully proportioned 3m long, and 1.1m wide. The DB5 Junior has been designed to easily accommodate an adult and a child side by side while out on their missions.

Based on Aston Martin’s reference 3D scan of an original DB5, the Junior DB5 will deliver complete accuracy and authenticity and will draw its p[ower from a torque-laden electric powertrain delivering 5kW / 6.7 bhp to the rear wheels; drivers will be grateful for the integrated bucket seat as they accelerate to the 30mph top speed.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior

Absolute authenticity was key throughout the development of the vehicle. For example, the DB5 Junior sports the same iconic Aston Martin ‘wings’, ‘shield’ and DB5 badges as the original 1963 model. Like its big brother, the dashboard is filled with functional Smiths instruments, which have been cleverly updated for the modern era. The fuel gauge has been converted into a battery meter, while the oil temperature now monitors the motor temperature. Finally, the same Smiths clock as seen in the original 1960s car sits proudly in front of the passenger seat.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior
Aston Martin DB5 Junior

A perfect two-thirds scale steering wheel sits in front of the dash but now sports a racing-style quick release to make entry and exit easier for the driver. Power is regulated by billet aluminium accelerator and brake pedals, and as you would expect there are working headlights, brake lights, indicators and a horn.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior
Aston Martin DB5 Junior

In true DB5 style, the car comes in the famous Silver Birch colour as standard, with a full black leather interior and carpet set. There is even a boot/trunk at the rear for storage of any additional ‘secret weapons’ and should you wish.

The car sits on double-wishbone suspension at the front as per the original, with the roll centre and camber gain matching the original geometry. At the rear, there is the period-correct live axle, with authentic upper and lower trailing arm suspension and Panhard rod.

Power is transmitted to the ground through 10” wire wheels with four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, complemented by regenerative braking. A removable battery pack is stored under the opening bonnet, giving 10-20 miles (16-32km) driving range, depending on driving style. A second battery can be added, and each pack can be swapped for a replacement in a matter of seconds.

The junior car also has three integrated selectable driving modes:

  • Novice mode with just 1kW / 1.3 bhp of power for less experienced drivers with a 12mph (19kmh) top speed. In this mode, a remote kill switch is included allowing the car to be remotely disabled at up to 30m. And if an enthusiastic novice disappears outside that 30m range, the car will automatically shut down and come to a gentle halt
  • Expert mode is provided for more experienced drivers with 5kW / 6.7bhp of power and a 30mph (48kmh) top speed
  • Race mode is a “Balance of Performance” (BOP) setting which allows the acceleration and top speed of the vehicle to be aligned with other Little Car Company models for competition on an even playing field
Aston Martin DB5 Junior

And finally, for the ultimate driving experience, a rally-style hydraulic handbrake is included. While strictly not necessary, it does add to the fun for the bigger kids amongst us.

Prospective buyers who wish to secure one of the limited-edition DB5 Juniors can visit this link from 27th August 2020 to place a fully refundable deposit on a first-come, first-served basis. When these build slots are full, a waiting list will be put in place.

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Pricing for the DB5 Junior begins at £35,000 plus local taxes, while the more powerful DB5 Vantage Junior starts from £45,000 plus local taxes. Existing Aston Martin DB5 owners will be given the first refusal on their DB5 Junior chassis number to match their full-size car.

Production commences in the UK in 2021, with deliveries taking place worldwide over the next two years. All final specifications to be confirmed before production commences.