Automotive Icons To Be Showcased At London Concours

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
The iconic Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

From the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost to the Ferrari F40, London Concours will host a spectacular display of ‘The Icons’.

The London Concours, presented by Montres Breguet, will be hosting a special display of ‘The Icons’ presented by Footman James, in association with Azur. This astonishing line-up of 13 cars, from Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost to Ferrari F40, each came to define their generation.

Whether it was through ripping up the rulebook, finding fame on the silver screen or being the poster car for a whole generation of buyers, each car in this class has established itself as a verified automotive icon.

Citroen DS
Legendary Citroen DS

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Perhaps the earliest automotive icon is the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost; a model that gained global notoriety for running virtually non-stop over 14,000 miles in 1907. In that same year, only 14 of 104 cars managed to finish the 748-mile Scottish Reliability Trials, bringing into sharp focus just how impressive the Silver Ghost’s feat really was.

Land Rover Series I

But achieving ‘Icon’ status doesn’t necessarily require a high price-tag. Also on display are a number of more everyday models that through ingenious design and innovation transformed motoring forever. The Land Rover Series I established an off-road lineage that continues to run to this day – over 70 years later – while the original Alec Issigonis-designed Mini utterly revolutionised the small car market. Both will line-up among ‘The Icons’ at London Concours.

Land Rover Series I
Land Rover Series I

Jaguar E-Type Series I

Then there are the true performance icons, or bedroom wall poster cars that were faster, more advanced and more beautiful than anything else on the road at the time. London Concours will be displaying an early Jaguar E-Type Series I ‘Flat Floor’; one of fastest cars in the world at the time and still revered for its beautiful Malcolm Sayer-penned aerodynamic lines. Guests will also be able to admire the iconic shape of the Porsche 911, on display in legendary 1972 2.7 RS guise.

Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar E-Type – London Concours

Ferrari F40 LM

Of course, no collection of ‘Icons’ would be complete without paying homage to Italy’s great supercar manufacturers. Ferrari will be represented not only by the Dino, but also by the one-of-19 Ferrari F40 LM; a lighter, more powerful version of one of the most iconic Ferraris ever. The Lamborghini Countach will also take its place among ‘The Icons’ in sought-after downdraft configuration, featuring Weber carburettors.

Ferrari F40
Ferrari F40

In total, nearly 100 automotive greats of all eras will be on display on the idyllic lawns of the Honourable Artillery Company HQ when the London Concours rolls into the City from 5-6 June. Curated across seven distinct classes, including ‘The Outlaws’ and ‘The Innovators’, London Concours is the ultimate automotive summer garden party.

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