Beamish Open Air Museum Puts Class In The Classic Car Show 2017

Beamish Open Air Museum
The Magical Beamish Open Air Museum

Set comfortably in 300 acres of beautiful Durham countryside, Beamish Open Air Museum was blessed by great weather and some of the finest classic vehicles any enthusiast could wish for Sunday 24th September 2017.

Armed with keys, camera, obligatory thick coat, we swiftly headed towards the beautiful location of Beamish Open Air Museum for one of the last events in the classic calendar, namely the much anticipated annual Beamish Classic Car Day.

Mission accomplished and entry successful, this magical venue delivered on all fronts, including costumed folk carrying out their daily duties and bringing real life to the nostalgic town, but also meeting and greeting the 1000’s of visitors that had made the trip to this exquisite place.

Vintage Transportation

Moving around Beamish can be challenging for the elderly, so it’s refreshing to see vintage transportation is readily available for those wishing to take advantage. Trams, horse drawn carriages and of course the internal classic bus service are all part of this ‘step back in time’ experience that everyone should witness at some point in their busy schedule.

Beamish Open Air Museum
Beamish Classic Car Show Vintage Transportation All Adds To The Experience

£18 Million Expansion

A few days ago a ground-breaking ceremony was held at the open air museum for the Remaking Beamish project, which will see the addition of more than 30 new exhibits, including a 1950s Town, Farm and a Georgian coaching inn, where visitors can stay overnight.

It seems National Lottery players are once again providing the much needed funding, with £10.9million being awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

Richard Evans, Beamish’s Director, said:
“After years of careful planning we are really excited to be starting this major project, creating new ways for visitors to experience Beamish and learn more about everyday life in the North East of England through time.

“This is the largest project we have ever undertaken – so this is a major milestone in the history of Beamish. We are looking forward to the future with great optimism as we continue to grow and attract even more visitors to our region.”

Vehicles On Display

Having reached the events field the historical cross-section of classic vehicles on show was breathtaking, ranging from Aston Martin, Austin, BMC, Bristol, Bedford, Citroen, Daimler, Ford, Jaguar, Morris, Rolls Royce, Triumph and even some vintage golden nuggets for the enthusiastic classic visitor to cast their eyes upon.

1953 Bristol 401
The Stunning 1953 Bristol 401 at Beamish Classic Car Sow 2017

Some of the stand-out vehicles included a beautiful 1953 Bristol 401, which owners Kevin and Pamela Fee have delightfully restored to an outstanding condition.

By his own admition Kevin says:
“I have not intended to create a museum piece or indeed a concourse vehicle.

“This car is to be used and enjoyed, which I believe is the true spirit of owning a classic vehicle.

“The car still has work to be carried out and will always be work in progress, but will ensure this remains a beautiful piece of mechanical history.”

Another remarkable vehicle on show is the SHEW car – the name standing for Seaham Harbour Engine Works. This car has historical and local integrity, boasting flamboyant seats, a care worn appearance and radiator that wouldn’t look out of place on something of much greater presence. Nonetheless this vehicle is more a ‘could have been’ and stands with it’s head held high amongst other vintage competitors within the charismatic Beamish Open Air Museum Garage.

SHEW Beamish Open Air Museum
The SHEW Car at Beamish Open Air Museum

Drone Coverage

Hindsight is a wonderful tool and today would have been a great time to bring drone coverage into play, with a panoramic aero view.

The concept is one that we’ve seriously thought about, and with prices becoming rapidly competitive it seems the correct time to step into the drone world. The Next classic shows will hopefully have a new dynamic feel if the tools can be set in place by then.

I would appreciate any feedback on the best ‘pro drones’ as it’s new to myself.

Fantastic Day

A fantastic day with some great people, but seeing my dad with Alzheimer’s smile, gave and still gives me the greatest pleasure a son could wish for.

The gallery below is a collection of shots I managed to grab on my travels around the very busy Show field.

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