Biannual 2CV World Meeting of Amicale Citroen Attracts Eccentrics


Biannual 2CV World Meeting of Amicale Citroen Internationale brings eccentric together.

Eccentric they may well be but fun they most certainly had, as the 22nd biannual 2CV World Meeting of Amicale Citroen Internationale (International Citroen Friends) took place in Ericeira, Portugal.

The meeting attracts all 2CV lovers from around the globe, and has a busy programme of events including:

  • A contest of 2CV disassembly and assembly
  • 2CV Cross demonstration
  • The arrival of an international 2CV raid to Portugal
  • Concours d’Elegance for 2CV and Derivatives
  • A Group ride to Mafra, including exclusive parking site for 2CVs in front of the National Palace.
  • A 2CV Museum, installed in Mafra’s National Palace, wich will feature vehicles from the rich history of Citroën production.

The event was launched in 1975 in Finland, and takes place every second year, this being the seventh gathering of the 2CV enthusiasts, with Portugal chosen as the enviable sunshine destination, approximately 20 miles from Lisbon.

Numbers attended were high, although the head count of 2,000 vehicles was less than all-time high of 7,000 of the classic 2CV Citroens assembled in 2011 Salbris, France.

The 23rd 2CV World Meeting is scheduled for July 30 to August 4, 2019, in Croatia, and is expected to exceed previous numbers.

Images courtesy Citroen

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