Big Cat Enthusiasts Welcome ‘New’ D-Type Jaguar Classic

Jaguar D-Type
Big Cat Enthusiasts Welcome 'New' D-Type Jaguar Classic - Images Courtesy Jaguar

Wow, a new D-Type Jaguar!

Affluent big cat enthusiasts could be forgiven for chomping on their freshly ironed leather gloves, but this legendary Long-nose racer is an engineered prototype, built by Jaguar Classic to drive its financial business strategy even further than the previously sold-out six Lightweight E-Type and nine XKSS recreations.

The promise by Jaguar Classic, is that each of 25 new D-Types will be hand-built, period-accurate and get this, cost in excess of that elusive £1 million mark. Those fortunate enough to have that spare wedge of cash lying around somewhere can choose from either the 1955 Short-nose or finned 1956 Long-nose specification.

If the price tag makes you tremble, it’s worth remembering the original examples were fetching a staggering £15 million, albeit these were 24 Hours Le Mans winners in the 50s.

A recent Mossgreen auction in Melbourne saw a spectacular Jaguar D-type racer XKD 510, one of the most beautiful and iconic sport racing cars ever built, go under the hammer for $7,000,000 – $8,000,000.

The spectacular D-Type will be given some well-earned exposure later this week at Salon Retromobile in Paris, France.

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D-Type Jaguar

D-Type Jaguar
Jaguar D-Type

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