Birmingham’s NEC Plays Host To Motor Show & Beatles Recreation


July 6th 1957 saw a group of young musicians, namely the the Quarrymen beginning their musical journey led by the legendary John Lennon. The stage however was less prolific, in the form of a flat-bed lorry at a village fete in Liverpool!

The meeting was the first between John and Paul McCartney, which some 50 years later paved the skiffle groups musical pathway, later becoming none other than the world famous Beatles.

Now 60 years on, the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) is bringing John Lennon’s enthusiastic Quarrymen to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, on Saturday the 11th November at Birmingham’s NEC.

There will be two 30-minute sets at the joint stand of the FBHVC/Historic Commercial Vehicle Society and to further recapture the spirit of their debut, the stage will be a 1937 AEC Matador lorry provided by a member of the HCVS. In the band’s own words – ‘a vintage lorry to make us vintage musicians feel at home!’

FBHVC Chairman David Whale explains:
“The idea for this recreation of what might be called the birth of the Beatles, came to us when we found an old black and white photograph of a skiffle group playing on the back of a 50’s lorry in a carnival. One of our Directors remarked that one of the boys looked like John Lennon and we soon found out that indeed it was!

“An internet search revealed that 60 years on, the band were still playing so we started a search aided by one of our members, the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society, for a suitable lorry.”

Lennon named his merry band of volunteers after Liverpool’s Quarry Bank High School, which he attended at the time.

It was at one of their gigs, a church fete, that Paul McCartney introduced himself to the lead singer and was subsequently invited to join the band, some three years later The Quarrymen were formerly renamed as the Beatles.

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, returns to Birmingham’s NEC from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 November. For more information as well as all the ticket prices and booking details, visit


McCartney Mini Cooper

Beatle Paul McCartney was of course famous for his love of the classic super-car, the Mini Cooper which he owned in the roaring 60’s.

Beatles manager Brian Epstein was keen to see each of his Beatles in the sporty little numbers, Paul was the first to receive his, a 1,275cc Morris Cooper S. The car was finished in Aston Martin California Sage Green Metallic and even donned rear lights from the Aston factory.

The car was later auctioned and although figures were not released, the Cooper reputedly brought twice the going rate of $20,000.


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