Brian Johnson’s ‘Highway To Hell’ And Nick Mason’s ‘Money’

Nick Mason - Brian Johnson

Founding member and sticks man of the rock band Pink Floyd, Nick Mason gives geordie AC/DC frontman, Brian Johnson a spin in his rare Ferrari 250 GTO…

Just when Fleetwood Mac were ‘going their own way’ back in 1977, Nick was going his, buying a 250 GTO for just £35,000… yes, that much! The Floyd drummer had no idea that the famed elusive Italian thoroughbred would be worth around £40 million some 44 years later.

More pedigree than Crufts and a cult following second to none in the prancing horse world of classic devotees… rarely does the ‘Holy Grail’ of the Ferarri world ever come to market with the last one selling for a breathtaking £52 million.

Often dubbed the ‘Picasso’ of the Ferrari world, the 250 GTO is an incredibly sought after Italian classic with potential investors continually scouring the market for cars held in such high esteem by collectors and experts alike.

Like many rockstars including Johnson, Jay Kay, Chris Rea, Coldplay’s Guy Berryman and others, Mason is no stranger to the classic car world and is the proud custodian of an eclectic mix of incredible machines at his lock-up.

His growing list of expensive automobiles includes his dad’s car, a stunning 1930 Bentley 4½ Litre, Ferrari 365 GTB4, Panhard-Levassor, Aston Martin Ulster team car, Ferrari F40 and amazingly the first of nine 1996-spec McLaren F1 GTRs ever built.

Brian Johnson

Johnson’s choice of music may well be more outlandish but his classic car collection equals Mason’s on just about every level with the Dunston born singer and star of ‘Cars That Rock’ grabbing just about everything he catches sight of including…

  • 1928 Bentley Vendenplas which he tastefully calls ‘Thunder Guts’
  • 1965 Lola T70 Mark 1 – one of only 15 built and powered by a thumping Ford built V8 engine
  • 1954 MG TF – not all thunderstruck and glory but nonetheless a great looking machine
  • Ferrari 458 Italia – the car he seems to love as the best Ferrari
  • Rolls Royce Phantom – who wouldn’t if they could?
  • Range Rover – Johnson loves a good old mud-plugger
  • 1968 Mini Cooper – no collection is complete without the most famous little pocket-rocket
  • 1973 Citroën DS23 Pallas – French style and class

His amazing collection seems to have grown in recent years but rumour has it, the AC/DC frontman is planning a more relaxed lifestyle…

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