British Classic Cars – The Riley Elf And Ford Anglia

British Classic Cars

Classic British Cars takes a nostalgic journey through the tyre tracks of the Ford Anglia and Riley Elf.

Once again John Peel does a sterling job connecting cars with faces, which this time sees an extremely emotional lady repatriated with here glorious Ford Anglia and a remarkable woman Gwen Horton, who fell for the ‘up-market Mini’, the Riley Elf.

It was indeed a time when car companies were doing their best to deliver a car that satisfied the female sector of a growing market.

Ford sold over a million Anglias, whilst Riley dipped their toes into what was proving an attractive niche. The Elf was launched in 1961 for a princely sum of £650 and was even nicknamed ‘Riley Shelf’.

Riley Elf
Riley Elf Pictured at Beamish Classic Car Show 2018 – ©CCC

Glorious radiator grille, veneer dashboard and even a pair of twin-carburettors were bolted to the engine. Sadly the little Elf was discontinued in 1969, being one of the casualties of British Leyland’s rationalisation programme.

If you have a classic car, then contact us with your name and details. We would love to capture it on video and a photo-shoot.

The episode is from the popular Classic British Cars Channel 4 documentary series.

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