Brooklands Museum Visit October 2017

Brooklands Museum
Brooklands Museum – Octane Area

Brooklands Museum nestles just South of Weybridge, Surrey and is the classic enthusiasts dream come true. This classical and aviation playground has everything you and your family could wish for, and at an affordable price that won’t break that very fragile piggy-bank.

Opening Times

Opening times are from 10am onwards, but our advice would be to get there prompt to make full use of the viewing space in and around the vehicle display ‘sheds’.

Staff are incredibly helpful and extremely informative, so listen, ask questions and be enjoyably educated on your travels around this timeless encounter with historic travel.

THe Museum is open on a daily basis and displays a wide range of Brooklands-related motoring and aviation exhibits ranging from giant racing cars such as the 24-litre Napier-Railton, motorcycles, and bicycles to a unique collection of Hawker and Vickers/British Aircraft Corporation-built aircraft including Concorde (G-BBDG).

For the keen collector there is a shop that boasts a whole range of modelling projects to purchase, from diecast to assembly.

Reviewed as 5 star by ourselves and would return in a heartbeat, we have created a Brooklands Museum album, which can be viewed below.

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The Napier Railton

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