Bugatti Blue – Prescott And The Spirit Of Bugatti

Bugatti Blue - Prescott And The Spirit Of Bugatti
Bugatti Blue - Prescott And The Spirit Of Bugatti

Automotive and aviation writer, Lance Cole is the author of this high-quality hardback; Bugatti Blue – Prescott And The Spirit Of Bugatti, which coordinates the integrity and nostalgia of a wonderful location in perfect synergy with a classic of distinction – the Bugatti.

It was the Italian-born French automobile designer Ettore Bugatti who said ‘perfection can never be achieved’, but any page-turning classic car enthusiast can rest assured that this book delivers everything the lucky recipient could wish for.

Bugatti Blue
Bugatti Blue ©Lance Cole.

The book contains 190 high-quality glossy pages of classic narrative, stunning artwork and even takes into consideration not everyone has an extremely large bank account. A no ‘bells and whistles’ approach is strictly adhered to, allowing the less ‘geeky’ amongst us to feel part of the whole friendly environment.

Your journey begins with a historical and detailed reconnaissance of the charismatic Prescott, that completely immerses you in the dedication, social equilibrium and camaraderie of the Bugatti Owners Club (BOC), then progressively moves to the visual palette being satisfied by the expressive and stunning images taken at this extraordinary gathering.

Bugatti Blue
Bugatti Blue Lance ©Lance Cole

Bugatti Magic

As you reach chapter 3, once again the author leaves no stone unturned, covering the French marque in spellbinding detail. From the brands’ inception and classic beauty to its now much influenced French-Italian luxury automotive brand status.

Over 200 captivating photographs that include Bugatti Types 30, 35, 37, 40, 50, 51, 55, 57S and others are strategically displayed in an almost luring simplicity, enticing the reader to relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Bugatti Blue
Bugatti Blue Lance ©Lance Cole

The authors love affair with Prescott and Bugatti is abundantly clear, whilst never allowing elitism to stray into his excitement and supercharged enthusiasm.

Classic car lovers and enthusiasts will undoubtedly adore this encapsulating read, leaving them feeling inspired and dare I say re-energised.

Bugatti Blue
MLP 802, Derek Hitchman’s Type 37 ©Lance Cole

Moving on, the Vintage Delights chapter is well worth the 139 pages anticipated wait, as the author describes in glorious detail the Prescott magnetism and professional ethos that surrounds the ongoing events staged throughout the annual calendar.

As a classic enthusiast, it’s difficult to find any dislikes. The book is clear, concise and accurate, with a strict emphasis on delivering a great photographic experience to the reader, accompanied by an essential but less intrusive narrative.

A great addition to any classic collection.

Anyone wishing to purchase Bugatti Blue – Prescott And The Spirit Of Bugatti can do so by visiting this link.

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