Caffeine & Machine Additional Parking Facilities Approved By Council

Caffeine & Machine
Additional parking could see around 1000 visitors

Caffeine and Machine have secured permission from Stratford District Council’s planning committee to increase their parking facilities and various other changes to the popular venue just outside the city of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The vibrant pub, coffee house, b&b and restaurant is a growing automotive-themed hub primarily focused on anyone interested in the motoring scene and is often the central meeting point for many tv stars including ex-Top Gear presenter, Quentin Wilson among other high profile petrolheads.

Since opening its doors on 27 October 2018, Caffeine & Machine has to some extent been a victim of its own success, struggling to cope with car parking facilities with many visitors having to use either the road or nearby grass verges to park their vehicles which can often include expensive classic, and supercars.

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It was reported that the parish council, district councillor and neighbours had already objected to the proposed plans, suggesting a smaller car park should only be approved to those attending the venue via the main A422 Banbury Road north of Ettington.

Councillors approved the requested changes at Stratford District Council’s planning committee yesterday (Thursday), but did advise mature trees be planted between the venue and a neighbouring cott is to effectively create a ‘natural barrier’ between both locations.

Sally Russell, who lives close to “Caffeine & Machine said:
It has basically become a large car park with insufficient infrastructure. The accompanying noise levels constitute a public nuisance – it has a huge impact on our lives.

“I am a motorsport enthusiast and secretary of the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club and organise and run some very high profile race meetings so I am extremely conscious of the noise restraints which we have to work to at places like Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Donnington Park.”

Caffeine & Machine
Additional parking could see around 1000 visitors

Cllr Matt Jennings (Con, Henley) said:
“I can’t agree with that at all – you are basically trying to restrict business viability and putting a limit on its success. In the current environment the hospitality sector needs as much help and support as it can get.”

Other approved changes included erection of ‘tipi’ to provide bar, eating & function space; formation of additional car parking including overspill parking area; formation of parking & display plinths: formation of new vehicular access; groundworks to create external seating area; all other associated works; and siting of temporary tipis to provide shelter during the period from 1st October to 31st March each year.

Committee chairman Cllr Peter Richards (Con, Snitterfield):
“Caffeine and Machine have been able to create a very viable good quality business. They should be rewarded for that, not penalised.

“We must also be mindful of the planning law and the impact that has elsewhere. There are some sound issues to be resolved but that needs to be done under the licensing act and not through planning.”

Images courtesy of Caffeine & Machine.

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