Carlex’s Jaguar XJC Restomod Has Lost Its Pipe And Slippers

Jaguar XJC - Carlex Design
Jaguar XJC - Carlex Design

If like us, you go all wobbly at the sight and scent of a good old classic Jaguar wafting along the tarmac then you’ll love this bad-ass yacht-inspired XJC restomod by Carlex design…

Whilst the Jaguar XJC had a short production back in the 70s with only 10,487 ever produced, very few would disagree that even today, Jaguar’s sporty pillarless XJC is a good-looking beast and a smooth operator at any classic cruisers convention.

This particular Jaguar XJC has been penned by Poland-based Carlex who have successfully been designing and fitting unique styling packs/accessories for cars, airplanes, and even boats for the last few years.

Jaguar XJC - Carlex Design

Visually, the tenacious Racing Green XJC retains its imperious silhouette but closer inspection reveals a whole raft (or even waft) of additional improvements to the grandad XJ’s appearance. The revolutionary concept classic Jaguar has lost the obligatory vinyl roof and some of its chrome but welcomes slimmer bumpers with a ‘slat’ grille rather than the usual egg-crate design.

Jaguar XJC - Carlex Design

Lighting remains similar although darkened rear lenses and a modern LED system have been integrated to provide upgraded illumination when meandering along those country roads at high speed. 16-spoke deep-dish alloys provide the rolling stock and fit nicely within the body kit and flared arches while a set of quad tailpipes at the rear of the vehicle ask the question – what’s under the custom bonnet?

Jaguar XJC - Carlex Design

What is under the bonnet?
The powertrain conundrum is more about what isn’t there rather than what is or will be – the inline-six and V12 have been made redundant with a powerful V8 400 HP engine from an unknown source to be fitted.

Jaguar XJC - Carlex Design

Internally, the redesigned cabin area takes its cues from the Thomas Crown board room and utilises deep-grained hand-aged leather but does retain the classic instrument cluster, albeit with what seems to be a digital operation including an air conditioning system.

What appears to be a ‘leather clad’ rear roll-cage has also been added to the luxurious interior with door panels, center console, rare dark veneer dashboard, and woodgrain steering wheel all providing even more theatre to this unapologetic big cat.

Jaguar - Carlex Design
2021 Jaguar XJC by Carlex Design

The company hasn’t revealed pricing or availability but did confirm they would be building ‘a few’ of their Jaguar XJC in 2022. Updates on the ambitious project can be followed on the website via this link with any interested parties advised to sign up quickly.

Images courtesy Carlex

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