CEGGA Ferrari 250TR Joins Auto Royale At Waddesdon Manor

1960 CEGGA Ferrari 250TR
David Cooke's 1960 CEGGA Ferrari 250TR

A beautiful 1960 CEGGA Ferrari 250TR will make its Concours debut in the Scaglietti Class at the inaugural Auto Royale, Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire on 16 – 18 July 2021.

The 250TR is owned by Harlequins and England rugby star, David Cooke who in 1997, after 14 long hard years of playing the tough role in the forward pack as an openside flanker, decided it was time to follow his love of fast cars and Historic Car Racing and who would argue with his logic?

Scuderia CEGGA

Rewind 62 years and Scuderia CEGGA had become the brainchild of two enthusiastic brothers, Claude and George Gachnang, living in Aigle, Switzerland who in 1959 decided to purchase what remained of a destroyed Ferrari TR250 – the Askolin/Monteverdi car wearing chassis number 0742.

1960 CEGGA Ferrari 250TR

Following an ambitious CEGGA AC build which raced at Le Mans in 1959, this second ‘project’ would mean retaining engine, transmission and the integral tubular chassis. CEGGA, a clever acronym of Claude Et Georges Gachnang Aigle, would make some radical changes to the front and rear suspension and bringing the car in line with TR60 specifications.

1960 CEGGA Ferrari 250TR

The pair then made the decision to approach Scaglietti with the idea of building a new shell in which to house the increased height of the upgraded independent rear suspension. Numerous changes were then made including Koni shock absorbers, AC/ENV differential and inboard disc brakes among others.

The front end of the vehicle was also given the CEGGA treatment including addressing some unusually excess negative camber by cutting the bottom suspension arms and inserting a 10mm filling piece – remember this was a car that could hit speeds in excess of 150mph…

It’s reported that 002/60 was then bought by well known Ferrari collector Pierre Bardinon in 1967 who decided to return the car back to it’s original 1958 TR specification of 0742.

1960 CEGGA Ferrari 250TR

CEGGA Ferrari 250TR Rebuild

Fast forward to 2016 and David reached out to Georges and Claude who agreed to assist him in the complicated rebuild of 002/60. The helpful Brothers, now approaching 80 years old, would provide drawings, technical information, detailed analysis and specifications which enabled David to build a tool room copy of 002/60 but with many original Ferrari 250 parts including a centre chassis section from a 1958 Ferrari 250 chassis.

finished chassis main
Finished chassis

Under the watchful guidance of Neil Twyman who runs a restoration business that specialises in historic race cars, the team of Tom, Mikey, Giles, Craig, Phil and his son Stephen started the rebuilding of 002/60 in 2016 with the help of brothers, Georges and Claude who even flew back and forth during the arduous process.

Detailed works included removing the entire rear and front end of the original chassis exactly as the Gachnang’s had previously done with 0742. A completely new rear chassis cage was then constructed to house the original ENV differential and inboard disc braking system.

rear suspension cage
Rear suspension cage

Taking great care in the build process, specialists Phil and his son Stephen studied numerous period photos and decided the aluminium body would be hand-crafted, rolled and hammered as originally completed by Scaglietti. An original Ferrari 250 engine with 4 stud head and an original gearbox was also carefully restored and rebuilt.

Auto Royale will be hosted by ex-racer, raconteur and Concours aficionado, Alain de Cadenet, and looks to become a firm contender in the prestige event calendar.

A wonderful story and car which can be seen at the Auto Royale 2021, Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire on 16 – 18 July 2021.

Tickets can be purchased via this link.

Images courtesy of ceggaferrari250.com

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