Your Chance To Own This Stunning 1953 Alfa Romeo Barchetta

1953 Alfa Romeo Barchetta - Pictures courtesy Eclectic Auctions

Owning a classic car is as much about the buying as it is the provenance and fun driving the thing. Purchasing a quality ‘standard’ car will never involve the same level of scrutiny, with tender love and consideration given to every single detail of the sometimes amorous process of purchase.

Once the mind is set on what the heart actually wants, the next step in the box ticking modus operandi, is to locate the particular classic vehicle you wish to dispense some of that hard earned cash on.

1953 Alfa Romeo Barchetta – Pictures courtesy Eclectic Auctions

The custom handmade ‘toolroom’ copy of a 1953 Alfa Romeo Barchetta pictured below could well be on your wish list.

Beautiful Car

Featured on Eclectic Auctions, this beautiful car is described as having a tubular chassis taken from Conrero drawings and photos. All alloy doors, bonnet and boot including frames. body is in thin steel. Beautifully proportioned and with perfect dimensions from every angle.

Correct 220 wheelbase and front /rear track. Fitted with Alfa type 116 1800 engine and Alfa type 105 1750 gearbox. Modern race pedal set-up with adjustable bias. 16″ wires, discs front. 1950s Salisbury back axle with rear drums. the vehicle was recently imported from a collection in Asia, where it was used occasionally for track days and weekend dry weather drives.

In keeping with the Disco Volante cars, the interior has a rustic and sparse look to it’s quality finished furnishings. Seats are are in high quality condition with drivers location adjustable by up to 192mm. Uncomplicated floormats and passenger seat rails are also present in this charming classic.

Drivers perspective and wind protection is improved by the low level wrap-around perspex screen, giving the sporty look and feel this Alfa Romeo deserves.

1953 Alfa Romeo Barchetta – Pictures courtesy Eclectic Auctions

The power plant is a rebuilt Alfa type 116 1800 engine in standard tune, with a weber carburettor rebuild, including the aluminium mounts to reduce the rubber intake issues. Described as having an Alfa 105 series 1750 gearbox fitted with new synchros, UJs and solid billet donut.

The current bidding on the vehicle stands at: £10,000.00.

This stunning 1953 Alfa Romeo Barchetta can be seen in full over at the Eclectic Auctions site, where perspective buyers can place their serious bids on a live auction system.

Full details and bidding can be found here.