Citroën Origins Monopoly Is A Great Collectors Piece

The Highly Collectable Monopoly - Citroën

French marque Citroën is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year by giving the quirky car followers an opportunity to make the centenary part of their everyday lives through its new and innovative lifestyle merchandise range.

‘Citroën Origins’ was designed to embrace integrity and nostalgia, whilst inspiring people to bring the brand into their own lifestyles. The ‘Citroën Origins’ has been expanded with additional and interesting products being offered by the company.

An oxygenarian theme includes 1920s packaging and reflects upon the brands journey through the challenging automotive industry.

Citroën Origins Monopoly

The flagship item in the latest catalogue of new products is the incredibly desirable and collectable Citroën Origins Monopoly (€50):

Monopoly - Citroën
The Highly Collectable Monopoly – Citroën

The Citroën themed version of Monopoly – is published by HASBRO as a bilingual French-English version and is based on the same rules as the original Monopoly game. Although the board game is played in the same way, the players buy Citroën vehicles (2CV, 5 HP, Traction, New C5 Aircross SUV, etc.) instead of streets in London or Paris. The stations are replaced by concept cars: Activa 1, C-Métisse, GT by Citroën and CXPERIENCE.

The traditional utilities are replaced by fuel and insurance companies. Lastly, the usual penalty charges and bills are replaced by paid parking and motorway tolls. Suitable for players aged eight and over, Monopoly Origins promises hours of fun with family and friends.

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Petit Quizz

From the comfort of their sofas, die-hard petrol heads can take part in a fun challenge, the ‘Petit Quizz’ (€6). With this short book, you can rediscover the fabulous history of Citroën in 80 questions: iconic models, technical innovations and the bold players who were part of a unique industrial adventure that revolutionised the history of cars from 1919. Who knows all there is to know about Citroën?

52 Citroën Origins Playing Cards

Brighten up rainy afternoons or holiday evenings with a game of 52 Citroën Origins playing cards (€8), or Citroën Origins ‘Top Trumps’ (€6). ‘Top Trumps’ is an immersion in the brand’s history, featuring 30 emblematic models from 1919 to the present day. Each card includes information on a different model with its specific characteristics. The player with the criterion of the highest value wins all the other cards and takes his / her turn. The winner is the player with all the cards.

Citroën Miniatures

Collectors are also set to enjoy this centenary year, and not only with Citroën miniatures. Fans of enamel advertising signs will rush to buy the Citroën Origins enamel plaque (€70) marking the brand’s 100th anniversary. Used for advertising over many years, these enamel plaques were displayed both outside and inside shops and dealerships. Favoured for their strong, robust design, they had a long service life, making them perfect for companies. Today, enamel plaques are real collectors’ items – another good reason to visit the e-boutique

Citroën Miniatures
Citroën Miniatures

Collectors of miniatures will be keen to acquire, as either a gift or a treat, the metal box set of Citroën Origins miniatures (€35). Treat yourself to 3-inch versions of iconic Citroën models in this high quality metal box: from the Traction Avant to the iconic Type H, the much loved 2CV Charleston, and also the DS 23 Pallas, Méhari and CX. A full line-up of generations and iconic models packed into one stylish presentation box – a real journey back in time.

A number of iconic models are now available individually in a 3-inch format, such as the Traction Avant (€5), in either black, blue, ivory or two-tone red / black. A 3-inch 2CV Sahara is also set to join the Citroën Lifestyle catalogue in the near future.

Citroën Miniatures
Citroën Miniatures

All the ‘Citroën Origins’ products and more are available from the e-boutique in the following countries: UK, France, Portugal, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland and Poland.


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