Classic British Cars – John Peel Meets The Velox & Zodiac

John Peel - Classic British Cars

This time John Peel meets the Vauxhall Velox and a rather delightful Ford Zodiac MK2.

Another Classic British Cars Channel 4 documentary, this time takes a fascinating delve into how car companies, such as Ford and Vauxhall marketed their vehicles to prospective customers.

Narrated by the dulcet tones of legendary ex-Radio 1 presenter, John Peel.

Classic British Cars - Velox

Produced by Vauxhall in from 1948 to 1965, the Velox was a bigger than usual family car, built to compete against its rivals in the UK; namely the six-cylinder Ford Zephyr.

Introduced by the British marque shortly before the London Motor Show in October 1948, it was built for the stylish global market. The target audience was of a more affluent disposition which gave the Velox a strong American presence.

The top of the range Ford Zodiac MK2 was lauched in 1956, boasting a two-toned overcoat, but not everyone was overly pleased with the new Ford look.

One such person was Arthur Tipper, who purchased a ‘Maroon’ Zodiac MK2 and subsequently found out the car he’d actually come to take charge of was actually two-toned. As the clip shows, the car was duyly re-sprayed to the colour initially described. It remains that way to this very day.

One shining star, which glows ever brightly throughout these nostalgic trips back in time, is how each vehicle enhanced the lives of those concerned – even after the car had departed.

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