Classic Electric Range Rovers Will Cost More Than A 3 Bed Semi

Classic Electric Range Rover
The world’s only production electric classic Range Rovers will be available 2021

Environmentally friendly ’mud-plugger’ lovers can now have a classic electric Range Rover from the 1970 and 1994 era for around £250,000 plus taxes…

No, that’s not a typo, each classic electric Range Rover will set you back more than the average 3 bed semi-detached house in the beautiful surroundings of the picturesque Lake District.

Town & Country

An initial run of 50 of the luxury SUVs built in the ‘classic era’ between 1970 and 1994 will be produced by Silverstone based Lunaz who will offer the units in both ‘Town’ and ‘Country’ specification.

Classic Electric Range Rover

Following its unveiling of the Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls-Royce electrified classics, Lunaz claims it’s been consistently asked by its global customer base to apply its re-engineering and restoration approach to these cars. One can only assume that particular ’customer base’ has a plentiful supply of incoming cash.

Electric Range Rover Country Spec

The ’Country’ specification electric classic Range Rovers by will utilise a 4-wheel drive system, updated suspension, brakes and roll-bars – whether these expensive machines ever see a muddy puddle is a debate for another time; nonetheless they are useful additions to the fully charged SUV.

Classic Electric Range Rover

As with the company’s other electric productions, the quality is extremely high with the cabin area respecting original integrity whilst embracing technology and usability within the refines of the classic architecture.

Modern accessories arrive in the usual guise of an infotainment system, air conditioning and those large obtrusive entertainment screens have been relocated and ’sensitively’ integrated into the existing design scheme to ensure the spirit of the original car is maintained – Now that’s a good idea, why don’t other marques have a go at that?

As for ‘Town’ cars, the creation of a much needed bar area for rear-seat chauffeured occupants can be tailored to the customer’s favourite choice of beverage.

Customers will be able to select from either the classic three-door configuration or the four-door models.

Electrified Classics
Electrified Classics by Lunaz


Roofless, yes those things you’ve probably spotted in the James Bond classic, Octopussy will also be offered from the start of production but will be created by taking existing conventionally bodied Range Rover classics and converting them to what the firm is calling ‘Safari Specification’ as part of the full bare metal restoration and re-engineering process. The world’s first electric roofless SUV has already been allocated to a European customer.

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David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz:
By 2030, when the UK ban on internal combustion engine car sales will come into effect there will be 2 billion ICE vehicles on the planet. Without conversion to electric, this will represent mass redundancy of finite resources that could otherwise be re-used. Our approach answers the urgent need to extend the life of these vehicles for future generations.

Are you in favour or not?