Classic EV Mini Kit Could Even Convert The Purist

Classic EV Mini Kit

Converting your classic Mini could be a step closer and slightly cheaper as Swindon based Powertrain is now offering a stand-alone electric 80kW continuous (120 kW peak), Classic EV Mini Kit, which can be used on its own or in addition to other aftermarket EV components.

The classic EV conversion is fast becoming a lucrative gravy-train with a seemingly endless target range of vehicles being tapped into as the market grows rapidly. The classic Mini is no stranger to being converted and has more pedigree than Crufts, but until now has only been accessible to the more affluent customers with full changeovers costing around 80K.

The Swindon Powertrain Classic EV Mini Kit will give its owner an HPD E Powertrain system mounted to an original classic Mini front subframe featuring brackets specifically designed for this installation. It also includes bespoke inner CV joint housings that allow the fitment of standard Mini driveshaft assemblies and comes complete with standard differential, although there is optional limited-slip differential available.

Classic Mini EV Conversion Kit

As a standalone unit, the £8,850 + VAT kit sounds a great deal but sadly isn’t enough to successfully convert your classic Mini into the full-blown EV. That said, the company does offer a full range of optional components including a purpose-designed 12 kWhr battery pack, which fits under the original bonnet in place of the internal combustion engine, motor controller, onboard charger and DC-DC converter, speed sensor kit and cooling system pump, with orders books for these additional items also open.

Classic EV

Commercial Director Gérry Hughes:
We’ve registered over 500 requests for more information on the HPD E system since it launched, many of which are classic Mini owners who are looking to convert their cars to run on electric power. We have tried to make our kits as easy to use as possible, re-engineering and re-designing the package so that it fits perfectly in a classic Mini, and offer our clients the ability to take just the HPD E Powertrain system or purchase extra, optional EV parts.

The full breakdown and costings are listed below and would potentially set you back around £22,253 +VAT.

Total Costs ( Excluding optional extras) £8,850 plus local taxes
Deposit £2,213 plus local taxes
Balance of payment prior to shipping £6,637 plus delivery and local taxes

Optional Extras

HPD E Powertrain Specific

Limited Slip Differential £598 plus local taxes
Satin Black Finish £168 plus local taxes

EV Option Components

12kWhr Battery Pack £16,000 plus local taxes
Motor Controller (Inverter)


£3,860 plus local taxes
Onboard Charger &

DC-DC Converter Kit

£1,950 plus local taxes
Speed Sensor Kit £299 plus local taxes
Cooling System Pump Kit £144 plus local taxes
Electric 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V
Electric 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V

High End EV Classics

If you have slightly more loose change in your back pocket, then you may fancy a glorious 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V which has now joined the growing number of ‘high-end’ electrified classic cars within an ever-expanding market. Described as the world’s only electrified Rolls-Royce cars, the luxurious marque joins a growing list of electrified classic cars from Lunaz including Jaguar and Bentley.

The ‘classic electric’ cars will be available in a range of body styles, including four-door limousine, two-door coupé and drophead coupé and start at an eye-watering £350,000 (not including local taxes). Pricing for a Rolls-Royce Phantom by Lunaz starts at £500,000 (not including local taxes).