Classic Model David Gandy Has Just Bought Himself An XK120

David Gandy
David Gandy - Jaguar XK120

Male model and self-confessed big-cat enthusiast David Gandy threw caution to the wind and spent a fortune on a Jaguar XK120 sports car and it looks absolutely out of this world.

The bespoke XK120 restoration was commissioned by the top model with the work carried out and completed by Jaguar Classic.

Life-long Jaguar devotee David Gandy was made to wait patiently for 11 months for the project to be fully completed and ready for collection from the Classic Works facility in Warwickshire, taking 2,700 hours to complete.


The detailed brief was to make the stunning British classic race-ready for classic motorsport events such as the Jaguar Classic Challenge, the car’s specification is inspired by the original XK120 Lightweight.

Jaguar XK120
David Gandy’s Jaguar XK120

David Gandy:
“Having driven a Jaguar XK120 at the Mille Miglia in 2013 and 2014, I knew that I wanted to own one of these incredibly special cars. The team at Jaguar Classic have done such a remarkable job engineering this car and executing everything that I asked for and it was amazing to have such an in-depth involvement in its creation.”

Jaguar Classic’s dedicated sourcing team tracked-down a suitable 1954 base car in California, US, and has retained as much of the original car as possible.

Following some dedicated vehicle sourcing, the Jaguar Classic’s team eventually located a 1954 base car in California, US. The integrity has been sympathetically treated with much of the original car being retained.

The stunning Jaguar XK120


The in-line six-cylinder unit was meticulously rebuilt over five and a half months, with the final objective to use the car for racing. The result is a performance upgrade from the original 180bhp output to 225bhp and enhanced durability for higher speeds, with items like the core plugs featuring steel bracing so they don’t dislodge during high-performance driving. An all-new, upgraded exhaust system features dual pipes instead of the usual single pipe.

Further improvements include the use of a faster-shifting racing-style gearbox which is more durable under high stresses and uprated brakes, with the front set-up now featuring disc brakes with four-pot calipers while the rear retains the original refurbished drum brakes. The suspension features fully adjustable dampers, allowing the Classic team to fine-tune the handling for specific events.

David Gandy – Man For All Seasons

David Gandy is a man for all seasons and was recently seen promoting the Spitfire Morgan 3 Wheeler around the cobbles of the capital. Joining forces with the luxury leather group, Aspinal of London, Gandy was out and about promoting an exclusive range of luxurious gentleman’s accessories.

The eclectic looking 3 wheeler was showing a good turn of speed for the shutter clapping photographers, looking for some exposure on a less than sunny outing in the capital.

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