Concorso d’Eleganza Kyoto 2019 – Lamborghini In Pictures

Lamborghini 3500 GTZ
Lamborghini 3500 GTZ

Lamborghini steals the show at the “Concorso d’Eleganza Kyoto 2019”, Kyoto in the midst of the picturesque “Sakura” cherry blossom season.

The event, one of the most prominent in the panorama of Concours d’Élégance, took place in the gardens of historic Nijo Castle, built-in 1603 as the residence of the first shogun of the Edo Period, Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Of the 54 vehicles entered in the prestigious event, 22 Lamborghinis, 20 of which were divided into three classes (Lamborghini 1963-1970, Lamborghini 1971-1985, Lamborghini 1986-2000), represented by Miura, Espada, Islero, Jarama, Jalpa, Urraco, Countach, LM 002 and Diablo.

Concorso d’Eleganza - Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura

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Concorso d’Eleganza Classes

Strangely enough, one exceptional aspect of this event was that the cars that represented the three classes all originated from the United Staes, Japan and Europe.

A bumper crowd seized a unique opportunity to scrutinise the technical and stylistic development of Lamborghini’s production from its establishment all the wayup to the year 2000.

The other two Lamborghinis on display, a 2016 Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato and a 1965 Lamborghini 3500 GTZ Zagato, were shown in the “Contemporary” and the “Race and Prototypes” categories, respectively.

Best of Show

The “Best of Show” award of the “Concorso d’Eleganza Kyoto 2019” went to the Lamborghini 3500 GTZ (chassis n. #0310) by a unanimous vote of the international jury formed for the event. The 3500 GTZ, owned by an American collector was successful in its “Race and Prototypes” class before being eligible for “Best of Show”.

The rarity of the car, along with the impeccable condition in which it was presented, enabled it to achieve not only the “Best of Show” but also the “Best Zagato” trophy, since the event organizer was celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Carrozzeria Zagato in Milan.

1963-1970 Class

The “Lamborghini 1963-1970” class and the “Best Lamborghini” trophy were won by the 1971 Miura SV (chassis n. #4838), in Verde Miura (green) with mustard yellow interior, owned by a Japanese collector; this car was also named “Best in Show” at the “Lamborghini Concours d’Élégance Neuchâtel” organized by Polo Storico in 2017.

1971-1985 Class

The “Lamborghini 1971-1985” class and the “Most Desirable to Drive” trophy were won by the 1975 Countach LP400 (chassis n. #1120186) in orange with black interior, owned by a Japanese collector.

1986-2000 Class

The “Lamborghini 1986-2000” class was won by the 2000 Diablo GT (chassis n. #ZA9DE21A0YLA12490) in black with black interior, owned by a Japanese collector.

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At the end of the Concorso, fifteen cars, including several Lamborghinis, set off for the “Tour d’Eleganza Kyoto 2019”, organized over three days of driving through some of the most picturesque sites in the region.

Starting from Nijo Castle, the tour crossed the panoramic Seto Bridge heading toward the island of Awaji, then concluding on the third day with the return to Kyoto.

The event was supported by Polo Storico, whose activities include the restoration and certification of all Lamborghinis produced up to 2001, as well as the reconstruction of spare parts for classic Lamborghinis, for which more than 200 new code numbers were introduced in 2018 alone.

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