Concours Of Elegance To Celebrate The Queen’s 95th Birthday

The Queen is 95 this year and the Concours of Elegance is celebrating the event with a display of 95 British cars, one from each year of Her Majesty’s life…

One of the few events to go ahead in September 2021, the Concours of Elegance will mark the Queen’s 95th birthday at the usual Hampton Court Palace with a unique and chronological display beginning at 1926, progressing through the years to 2021.

Presented by Magneto, the journey tracks the evolution of our sometimes volatile British motor industry, exploring in detail the success and failure of some iconic automakers we all love to debate as experts.

Those 95 cars will join a packed event of approximately 1,000 classic vehicles including 70 of the rarest in the world.

Concours Of Elegance
Concours of Elegance will celebrate the Queens 95th birthday with a 95 car chronological display

So, what’s on offer?
Some of the automotive highlights will include a stunning 1926 Bentley 4½-Litre; a car that requires little introduction, boasting a number of motorsport successes throughout its historic lifetime. Another standout motoring icon is the Jaguar XK120 which, in its day was the fastest car around, setting 24-hour and seven-day, seven-night speed records of more than 100mph each. Not bad at all for a car well over 70 years old now.

Fast forward to the 60s and the incredibly stylish Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato hits the scene. A thoroughbred with exotic, lightweight Zagato coachwork, Aston Martin created a car that is now widely regarded as one of the most beautiful, iconic, and desirable sports cars of its era with just 19 examples built. One of which was present at last years Concours of Elegance.

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Another great attraction is the Lotus Esprit Turbo built between 1976 and 2004. Unveiled to an excited public at the Turin Motor Show in 1972, it was among the first of designer Giorgetto Giugiaro’s polygonal “folded paper” designs with a uniquely sharp and crisp-edged look. The Esprit gained international popular appeal as the James Bond “The Spy Who Loved Me” submarine car and is a star wherever it happens to be showcased.

Concours Of Elegance

From the more modern era, the Concours of Elegance will welcome a McLaren Senna, part of the Ultimate Series of McLaren cars. Inspired by one of McLaren’s greatest ever racing drivers, Ayrton Senna, it’s one of the most track-focused McLarens ever built, one of the fastest around a circuit and one of the most powerful, with 825hp from its twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8.

Tickets to the Concours of Elegance 2021 are available now from just £30 for half-day entry, with full three-course hospitality packages from £288. Tickets can be bought via this link.

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