December Deadline Forces Classic Car Enthusiast To Sell Treasure

Jensen CV-8 boasted fibreglass bodywork with aluminium door skins

Stories of the lovable classic car being stockpiled continue to emerge following scrappage scheme madness, but there are still bargains to be had out there if you’re prepared to do the digging, yes literally with a spade!

Redhill, Surrey is one such classic gold mine with no less than 26 vehicles resting in peace, with some needing a shovel to remove from the now tangled undergrowth.

1963 Jensen

The Jensen C-V8 is a four-seater GT classic produced by Jensen Motors between 1962 and 1966, which was launched in October 1962 and boasted fibreglass bodywork with aluminium door skins, which is visible above.

David White, classic enthusiast and collector of cars said:
“Classic cars have always been a hobby of mine.

“It started with a Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans, which belonged to a local couple who separated. The car had been sitting for about 15 years when I was told about it by a local policeman, who thought it was too much for him to take on. I eventually took a look and thought I’d have a go at it. A Jensen CV8 followed.”

Classic Car
Scimitar GTE’s

The amazing list of cars could potentially reap rewards for any good restoration expert, they include a pair of legendary Jensen C-V8’s, 4 sought after Sunbeam Alpine convertibles, a Daimler SP250 and even a Frogeye Sprite!

The list also includes modern appreciating classic, the Ford Escort XR3 convertible, which was recently given centre stage at the Classic Car Car Show in Birmingham NEC. Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead were set a challenge to go head to head in a charity #ClassicRumble, with Mikes car an 1989 Ford XR3i convertible bringing a staggering £22,500 when it sold under the hammer.

Classic Car
Ford Escort XR3 Convertible

Owner David White has apparently got plans to restore one of the Jensen C-V8’s and Harrington Le Mans, but the field is to be cleared by December. An additional 50+ cars will be available for sale.

Anyone interested should get in touch with David on 07956 507434, leaving a messaged as prompted with details.

Classic Car List

  • 2 Jensen C-V8’s
  • 4 Sunbeam Alpine convertibles
  • 2 Volkswagen Beetle convertibles
  • 3 Scimitar GTE’s
  • 2 Triumph Herald convertibles
  • 1 Ford Escort XR3 convertible
  • 1 Ford Escort convertible
  • 2 MG Midgets
  • 1 Morris Minor four-door
  • 1 Ginetta G26
  • 1 Hillman Super Minx convertible
  • 1 Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite
  • 2 Sunbeam Rapier saloons
  • 1 Sunbeam Rapier convertible
  • 1 Daimler SP250
  • 1 Robin Hood 2B

Photos: Courtesy of Philip Jones, Byron International

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