DeLorean Set To Return Back To The Future With A Bang

DeLorean DMC12
DeLorean Set To Return Back To The Future - Image Courtesy of DMC

The DeLorean classic DMC-12 sports car is about to spread its gull-wing doors and return to the future sometime in 2021 according to a story on classic car insurer Hagerty.

Four years has passed since the news broke surrounding the resurrection of the automotive star that became famous as Marty McFly’s time-travelling machine in the iconic Back To The Future movie.

2021 could see the car bounce back from its past, just as soon as the all-clear from federal officials release the required documentation, allowing ‘low volume car producers’ to build up to 325 replicas per one single year.

The now-legendary stainless steel classic DMC-12 sports car will be given an updated makeover, which is set to include a new engine to address the much-maligned ‘underpowered’ issues that surrounded the original DeLorean’s time travelling problems.

DeLorean Set To Return Back To The Future – Image Courtesy of DMC

A 300-400 horsepower, emissions approved V6 engine will be transplanted into the same location, boosting the output by at least 60% – without a flux capacitor.

Retaining the same shape and core design, the two-seater sports car will also be given improvements to its dated internals to satisfy the modern demands of today’s drivers. In-car entertainment is said to be high-tech and will integrate a modern Sat-Nav for those confident enough to change its time and date.

Additionally, the brakes, cooling system, wheels and tyres will all be given similar treatment in a bid to stop the thing efficiently, after that magical 88mph has been achieved.

Stephen Wynne, CEO of DMC said:
“As time has changed, systems change. The big complaint we always have from people is more power, so our plans are to more than double the horse-power going forward.

“Take some weight off the car to improve handling and performance.

“The electrical system was poor, so we are radically improving that to make the car modern and higher-tech.

“The DeLorean has a cult following, so the pressure is immense on getting this thing right for our clientele.”

Closer Than Ever

Whilst a few hoops need to be jumped through, DeLorean has said it’s now closer than ever, with the company’s Vice President James Espey telling Hagerty “There’s a 30-day comment period companies need to wait out, and then things need to go through the Office of Management and Budget for a review.”

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The DeLorean Motor Company hopes to produce around 100 ‘updated’ versions of the car per calendar year, with a price tag of £77,000 ($100,000).

If government legislation is delayed once again, the reports are that the company will push ahead regardless and ship to countries where they would be legal, until legislation is finalised.

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