Ecurie Ecosse Pay Homage To The Magnificent Seven C-type’s

Ecurie Ecosse C-type

Ecurie Ecosse is paying homage to the seven iconic C-type’s they successfully raced back in the Fifties by recreating a numbered sister car for each of the original Jaguar racing cars.

Often overshadowed by its alphabetical descendants, the D and E-types, the C-type was originally built from 1951 to 1953 drawing it’s inspiration and running gear from the proven XK120.

The Jaguar sports car was no slouch and gained considerable success on the racetrack back in the day for Ecurie Ecosse, sharing no less than 59 podium finishes between the magnificent seven raced by the team.

Through clever tuning by legendary team manager ‘Wilkie’ Wilkinson and meticulous planning by founder David Murray, they proved how capable the Jaguar C-type could be on the international stage and began a legacy that would take the Scottish national team to countless wins, including their crowning glory at La Sarthe.

Stirling Moss:
I always really rated the C-type – for me it was a far better car than the D

Revived in the 80s and once again 2011, Ecurie Ecosse will pay homage to the seven priceless chassis raced in period by recreating a ‘sister’ numbered car for each of the originals, all of which still exist to this day.

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Ecurie Ecosse C-type Gallery

The hand-built recreations will remain the faithful to the proven straight-six XK engine, although capacity has been increased to 4.2 litres and fuel injection fitted to bring the power up to 300bhp.

Other additional upgrades will see the brakes improved, hand-crafted aluminium bucket seats clothed in supple blue leather by Crest, hand-airbrushed Ecurie Ecosse shields adorning the car’s flanks, and Tag Heuer ‘Master Time’ stopwatches on the dashboard.


  1. Soooo…what’s the deal here? Jaguar cracked down on Suffolk Sports Cars, stopping them from making C-Types and putting them out of business.
    Are these cars then licensed by Jaguar? If so, how come they aren’t proper replicas and have fuel injection, 4.2 engines etc?
    And who is making them?

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