Edd China Is Back With His New Workshop Diaries Show

Edd China - Workshop Diaries

In case you’re wondering what Edd China has been up to in recent times… wonder no more, the eccentric tall man has been ultra busy reimagining the successful ‘hands-on fix-it format’ purists have been campaigning for since the mechanical guru left Wheeler Dealers back in 2017.

Eccentric entrepreneur China has managed to retain a loyal following in recent years, which isn’t surprising given he did appear on some prime automotive shows including Top Gear, Scrapheap Challenge, Fifth Gear and of course Wheeler Dealers as co-host for 13 long years.

So what’s it all about?
Aside from scribbling his wisdom and engineering thoughts into his first book called ‘Grease Junkie’, Edd’s been tinkering, fettling, fixing and even roped Mrs China in to paint the workshop in preparation for his new YouTube series called ‘Edd China’s Workshop Diaries‘.

Edd China - Workshop Diaries

Edd China:
The jobs will be covered in that in-depth and informative way we’ve all come to love… and have been crying out for quite some time.

Workshop Diaries will let viewers really get stuck into the project and the detail of the fixes, and also provide a platform for instant feedback and interaction. It’s an exciting prospect and it’s great to finally get going!

The new show returns to the original and extremely popular ‘hanging about in the workshop’ behind the scenes format where skills are learned, projects are fixed and speaking to those all-important experts and artisans about how they do what they do.

Edd will also be out and about helping the general public with tips and advice on how to kick-start their own projects which have stalled during difficult times.

Edd China - Workshop Diaries

We are going to be visiting people who have got stuck on a project, for whatever reason. The plan is to try and revitalise and reinvigorate them, to try and get that car where it should be – back on the road!

As the title suggests, the new show won’t be all about ‘classic cars’ and will involve the workshop doors being thrown open to just about everything that moves including amphibious craft, bikes, planes and even the world’s fastest all-electric ice cream van.

Future technology and engineering also feature heavily in the series with a real emphasis on electrification, 3D printing, prototype development, CNC machining (computer numerical control) and laser/waterjet profiling.

Workshop Diaries

Some familiar faces join Edd’s skilful team on their quest to investigate everything mechanical and engineered in a series that’s sure to satisfy those looking for a more hands-on approach to fixing and fettling.

Edd China is back with his own weekly show, Edd China’s Workshop Diaries, broadcast on YouTube later this week.

Will you be following Edds Workshop Diaries?

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