Enter The ‘Holy Halls’ Of Secret Mercedes-Benz Treasure

Holy Halls
The Holy Halls

The ‘Holy Halls’ brings to life the amazing secret collection of Mercedes-Benz vehicles ‘parked’ in secret places away from the Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart.

Based in Stuttgart and one of the largest and most visited industrial museums in the world, Mercedes-Benz Classic comprises of around 160 illustrious and impressive automobiles on display to the inquisitive public, but this is only a small part of the German automotive paradise that forms the Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart collection.

The other ‘hidden’ treasures of the brand are in a safe place now called the ‘Holy Halls’ which has existed since 1923 and offers a comprehensive overview of the model history of Mercedes-Benz.

Holy Halls

Various beauties are stored in safety, as are the silver arrows of Caracciola, Lang, and Fangio, the Pope’s carriages, the state cars of the young Federal Republic of Germany or Mercedes models that became collectors’ items due to the prominence their previous owners.

The ‘Holy Halls’ is a collection of twelve inconspicuous commercial buildings scattered in and around Stuttgart, but not for public consumption, with numerous inquiries from press offices and camera crews often rejected.

That was until 2016 when for two years access was granted and almost all the vehicles of the Mercedes collection were photographed.

The Holy Halls
The Holy Halls

What followed was a unique photographic collection of an automobile history that spans over a hundred years with many previously unpublished photographs exclusively available in the book. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Classic agreed to open the ‘Holy Halls’ for an external photo team and provide information about the car models stored there. The end result is a mesmerising time travel through the yesteryears of Mercedes-Benz.

Additional studio shots of 50 selected vehicles from the collection were taken under the direction of Harry Ruckaberle in the Sindelfingen photo studio that belongs to Akka Concept GmbH. In this process, the Circulight lighting technology invented and patented by studio founder Ruckaberle was applied to outstanding effect.

The Holy Halls
The Holy Halls

A truly remarkable read which has up to 1945 models gathered in the introductory chapter, from the Benz Patent Motor Car, for example, the innovative Mercedes-Simplex 40 HP and the striking Benz Spider, to luxury vehicles such as the Type 770 or the sporty and elegant variants of the Mercedes-Benz. Benz 500 K / 540 K.

Holy Halls
Holy Halls

Publisher: Delius, Klasing & Co
ISBN: 9783667116673
Number of pages: 244
Dimensions: 289 x 269 mm

The book can be bought via these links:
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