Evolution Of New Jaguar E-Type Means Perfection

Evolution E-Type

The ultimate Jaguar E-Type where perfection does actually mean exactly that – perfect.

Evolution creator Uryk Dmyterko has been speaking to Evolution E-Types ahead of their visit to the forthcoming London Classic Car Show, which begins 14-17 February at London’s Excel.

Dmyterko is a man that believes in delivering standards higher than your average ‘restoration’ project, seamlessly combining passion and sheer determination in synergy to evolve his successful parts supply business into building the ultimate Jaguar E-Type where quality has been redefined to another level.

The short but very informative film was created at the Evolution E-Types premises in Darlington and includes a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of their complex workshops. A fascinating insight into how the processes such as CNC machining area, engine and bodywork shops, spray booth, upholstery and mechanical engineering are all worthy of close inspection.

Uryk Dmyterko:
“Quality has been redefined to another level.”

Jaguar E-Type – Meticulous Planning And Guidance

The dedicated team of craftsmen follow Uryk’s meticulous planning and guidance, developing a new range of impeccable Jaguar E-Types suitable for the radically changing road conditions we now have to deal with.

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Now recognised as the World’s leading supplier of E-Type parts such as High Strength Chassis Frames, Solid Billet Machined Aluminium Cam Covers, and the most recently their development of a unique Aluminium 5 Speed Gearbox.

Stretching its metaphorical wings and deciding to step into building a new range of Jaguar E-type models with modern day comforts, Evolution now produce E-Types that boast handling and engineering developments, deliver customers the sixties style look and feel of a British classic, but with twenty-first century handling, reliability and comfort.

The latest Evolution E-Type show-car will be exhibited at the forthcoming London Classic Car Show 14-17 February.

Jaguar’s will be in the media spotlight at the London Classic Car Show where Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum’s prolific career will be honoured with an award and a celebratory exhibition of his work.

This will feature some of the most notable and career-defining cars that he has designed over his illustrious career, including the Aston Martin DB9, Jaguar I-PACE, F-TYPE and XK and the Ford RS200 rally car. There will also be a Q&A with the man himself at the show.


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