Fancy A Le-Mans Spec Jaguar C-type Continuation?

C-type Continuations
Jaguar Classic are creating eight C-type Continuations

Jaguar Classic is creating eight C-type Continuations in celebration of the sports racers 70th anniversary and they’ll even be the same spec as the one that won Le Mans in 1953.

As usual, supply will be of limited numbers and you can bet your last dollar they’re already sold off-plan much like the DB5 continuations released by Aston Martin – both of which can’t be driven legally on a ‘road’. That said, the ‘new’ C-type is eligible for historic racing, track and closed road use.

Jaguar C-type

So, what do you get for around a million quid?

It’s worth remembering that of the 53 Jaguar C-types built in the 1950s, at least 43 were sold to private owners, and production C-types were essentially drum-braked cars fitted with twin SU carburettors providing around 200bhp, in the style of the 1951 works cars.

The latest C-type won’t have dollops of integrity but will embrace modern disc brake technology which was introduced post 52’ developed by Jaguar and Dunlop leading to the first victory for a disc-braked car with Stirling Moss at the Reims Grand Prix in France and contesting the 1000-mile Mille Miglia in Italy.

C-type Continuations

Power will come from the tried and tested Le Mans-winning works team car 3.4-litre straight-six with the addition of thirsty triple Weber carburettors delivering a half-decent and slightly boosted 220bhp.

Dan Pink, Director, Jaguar Classic, said: Driven by some of the most-admired racing drivers in history, the C-type laid the foundations for Jaguar’s success in endurance racing and is synonymous with design and engineering innovation. Seventy years on, Jaguar Classic is proud to be able to utilise the latest innovations in manufacturing technology – alongside traditional skills and unrivalled expertise – to reintroduce this legendary car for a new generation of enthusiasts to enjoy

C-type Continuations

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Previous Experience

Building on the previous experience gained from other Jaguar Classic Continuation programmes for Lightweight E-type, XKSS and D-type, engineers have apparently trawled the archives and cross-referenced scan data taken from an original C-type in conjunction with the latest computer-aided design technology to create the most authentic new C-type possible.

C-type Continuations

Exclusive access to original engineering drawings and company records created by the original C-type development team – including Malcolm Sayer, competitions manager Lofty England, and engineers William Heynes, Bob Knight and late Norman Dewis – ensure the authentic 1953 specifications are accurately maintained.

Anyone wishing to build and visualise their C-type Continuation virtually using a specially designed online configurator can do so via this link.

The virtual software allows users to compare colour and trim options from the 12 authentic exterior colours and eight interior colours available, and apply optional racing roundels, steering wheel badge and bonnet badging.