Fangio’s LEGO 1:8 Mercedes W196R Could Soon Be Available

LEGO 1:8 Mercedes W196R

LEGO fans could soon have the opportunity to build a 1:8 Mercedes W196R recreation of the 1954 racer that Juan Manuel Fangio among others famously piloted many years ago…

The stunning LEGO 1:8 Mercedes W196R has been submitted to the LEGO Ideas platform but requires the magical 10,000 votes within the next 569 days to progress into the review and development stage of the iconic plastic bricks building company.

Keen motorsport followers might recall the incredible 1954 Mercedes W196R race car driven by the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio being sold for a breathtaking £19,601,500 back in July 2013 and then becoming the most expensive car sold at auction.

LEGO 1:8 Mercedes W196R

Mercedes W196 Rocket Ships

The iconic silver Mercedes W196 rocket ships lit the racing touchpaper after being unveiled at Reims with their futuristic bodyshells and streamline design that was eager to enlist only the best pilots. Drivers Juan Fangio and Karl Kling immediately qualified first and second, then finished 1-2 in this their chosen debut race.

LEGO 1:8 Mercedes W196R

Mercedes-Benz eventually contested 12 World Championship-qualifying Grands Prix’s of which they were victorious in nine, subsequently confirming Juan Manuel Fangio’s 1954 Drivers’ World Championship, then his second consecutive Drivers’ title in 1955.

Denis Jenkinson of ‘Motor Sport’ magazine wrote:
“The name of Mercedes-Benz was one of the most powerful in Grand Prix racing between 1934 and 1939 and during those years they brought science into motor racing that was revolutionary; at the same time they speeded up the process of racing car design to a pace that forced many of their competitors to abandon Grand Prix racing… With the approach of the new Formula 1 that was due, to begin with, the 1954 season, Daimler-Benz announced that they would be represented…by an entirely new team of Mercedes-Benz racing cars.”

LEGO 1:8

LEGO 1:8 Mercedes W196R

This particular LEGO 1:8 Mercedes W196R measures an impressive 20 inches in length and has been faithfully recreated by Norbert Wawro, boasting near-perfect accuracy using the trademark plastic bricks and over 1,600 elements in the total build.

All projects submitted to the LEGO Ideas platform need to achieve the golden 10,000 votes before entering a product review stage and then considered for production if successful. The classic car LEGO section has witnessed substantial popularity recently with some stunning creations breaking into the pre-production stage including one of the most famous classic racers of all time – the 4½-Litre Bentley ‘Blower’ designed by a young student of architecture.

Mercedes W196R

You can add your support for the proposed 1:8 Mercedes W196R creation by visiting this link and clicking the ‘support’ badge below and joining the growing list of 1990 fans!

LEGO Mercedes W196R Support

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