Ferguson Family Museum

The Ferguson Family Museum was opened in 2003 by the grandson of Harry Ferguson. It is very much a personal and privately owned collection but tells the fascinating story of a man of great passion, creativity and inspiration. Having grown up as one of eleven children on a farm in Ireland he went on to become one of the 20th century’s most celebrated inventors and pioneers.

The collection celebrates the life and achievements of Harry Ferguson. It depicts his life and interests in the world of agriculture, aviation and motor racing. He is nowadays most famous for his “Little Grey Fergie” tractor. However many people are unaware of his engineering achievements in the worlds of aviation and motorsport. His vision saw a legacy of invention and design which are still an integral part of modern tractors, cars and aeroplanes.

The museum contains numerous unique exhibits and photos and museum curator, Peter Warr, who worked for Harry Ferguson for many years, provides a wealth of information and anecdotes that bring the museum alive.

Ferguson Family Museum
Ferguson Family Museum

Ferguson Family Museum
Kings Manor Farm
Copse Lane
Isle of Wight
PO40 9TL

Phone: +44 1983 756050



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