First Morgan Plus 8 GTR V8 Special Edition Completed

Morgan Plus 8 GTR V8
Morgan Plus 8 GTR V8

Morgan has completed the first of nine Plus 8 GTR V8-powered special editions built at the company’s Malvern factory in Worcestershire, England…

Dressed in Yas Marina Blue, the project is to be the first of many for the Italian-owned company based in Malvern and pays homage to the prominent nineties Plus 8 race car ‘Big Blue’ which served as the testbed for Morgan’s first bonded-aluminium chassis and went on to underpin the Aero 8 and ‘Aero-chassis’ Plus 8 models.

The Plus 8 GTR project has only been possible due to the recent availability of a number of Plus 8 rolling chassis with the remaining eight units already in production and due for completion in the first quarter of 2022.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR V8
Morgan Plus 8 GTR V8

All nine Plus 8 GTR V8-powered special editions are tailored to each of the customer’s bespoke requirements and have varying configurations of transmission and drive side with five of the eight vehicles being exported globally.

Performance upgrades include a new engine tune and cannon-style twin-exit sports exhausts. These enhancements improve throttle response and increase the power output over the previous production Plus 8.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR

Steve Morris, Chairman & CEO, Morgan Motor Company, said:
“We are excited to release the first images of the Plus 8 GTR following the design sketches published earlier this year. The Plus 8 GTR represents an opportunity for Morgan to celebrate the V8 engine once again, something we did not expect to do since finishing the Plus 8 and Aero 8 models in 2018. Striking design, the finest craftsmanship, and an exhilarating sports car to drive, the Plus 8 GTR is the perfect swansong to the Morgan V8. We have been delighted to work alongside customers from around the world during the design and build process, and we look forward to sharing the final examples over the coming months.”

The Plus 8 GTR incorporates Al Capone ‘high shoulder’ lines not seen on a traditional Morgan body for decades and makes use of retro design including a revised rear end, front wings, and front splitter, all of which are handcrafted using aluminium.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR

The fitment of a hardtop with a cockpit vent that slopes towards the windscreen completes the race-inspired look. The interior features new door cards to fit with the high door tops, bespoke GTR dials, and the option of carbon fibre racing seats and harnesses. Unique graphics feature throughout and each GTR is fitted with a plaque denoting its number in the build sequence.

The Plus 8 GTR will run alongside other core projects and is one of several Morgan special projects to be announced this year. It follows numerous special project Morgan models in recent years, such as the Aero GT, SP1, and Aeromax.

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