FIVA: Historical Vehicle Enthusiasts Need To Work Together

FIVA President Patrick Rollet speaking at the 2018 FIVA General Assembly on 17th November

FIVA believe enthusiasts of the historical movement need to work together to preserve its future.

FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles), has reached out to its historical vehicle disciples in a bid to extend the reach of shared values and heritage.

FIVA President Patrick Rollet, who was in Gibraltar for the federation’s annual General Assembly on 17 November 2018, said:
“While more and more countries are joining the international historic vehicle movement, it’s vital that we continue to extend the reach of our shared values and heritage,” said

“FIVA members currently comprise 86 historic vehicle clubs and federations from 66 countries, representing more than a million and a half enthusiasts around the world, with nations such as Nepal and Moldova recently joining our ever-growing club of clubs. Yet there are still other areas of the world map that we long to welcome into the fold. Hence we are working hard to link up with countries such as South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines – nations that have so much to offer our community of fellow enthusiasts.”

Nor is it just the club members of FIVA that are important to safeguarding the future of historic vehicle ownership. In the last three years, almost 40 professional members – companies and institutions from the automotive world – have joined FIVA to signal their intentions to help protect our shared heritage.

Meanwhile, FIVA’s cooperation with UNESCO has been going from strength to strength, a hugely important sign of the widespread recognition of our motoring heritage.

Display by the Gibraltar Classic Vehicle Association

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FIVA Membership

The increase in FIVA membership and greater participation from global partners, resulting in a happier financial situation, has allowed the development of several initiatives, studies and guides. November’s General Assembly saw the release of FIVA’s Responsible Guide, designed to encourage every historic vehicle enthusiast to behave responsibly towards other road-users, while the first winners of a new series of Culture Awards were announced.

FIVA also began a series of interviews with the legends of the automotive world, creating a Hall of Fame, which already includes the likes of two-time World Rally Champion Walter Röhrl, multiple motorcycling World Champions Giacomo Agostini and Freddie Spencer, along with design star Chris Bangle.

These interviews can be seen at (click on FIVA Hall of Fame), where an incisive interview with design legend Marcello Gandini will soon be published.

Finally, the General Assembly saw a reorganisation of FIVA’s General Committee, reflecting the increasing range of activities. Jos Theuns, formerly Vice President for Trade, Skills & Youth, was elected the new Vice President for Finance. Howard Danino, previously Director of Membership, was elected the new Vice President for Memberships. And Gautam Sen was re-elected as Vice President Communication for another three-year term.

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