From Germany Across Russia To Japan In An NSU Ro80

NSU Ro80
Driving the NSU Ro80 from Germany across Russia to Japan

Driving any car from Germany across Russia to Japan is a remarkable achievement but this dedicated couple made the extraordinary journey in an NSU Ro80 that’s near to celebrating its 50th birthday.

Now recognised as a seasoned classic, the innovative NSU Ro80 was given its looks by aerodynamic styling German car designer, Claus Luthe and featured an 84 kW (113 bhp), 995 cc twin-rotor Wankel engine which in simple terms is an eccentric rotary design that converts pressure into rotating motion. The rotary piston engine is now an integral part of the Mazda DNA.

Beginning at Visselhövede near the Lüneburg Heath in July 2019, owner of the classic Ro80, Klaus von Deylen accompanied by his loving wife, Maja began their illustrious journey across Travemünde, Helsinki and Saint Petersburg across Russia by land to Vladivostok. From there it went by ferry to South Korea and finally taking a well earned rest in Japan.

NSU Ro80

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Mazda Company Headquarters

After an epic 11,000 kilometres driven, the couple finally arrived at the Mazda company headquarters in Hiroshima, southwest Japan, on August 24 with a rather tired but reliable 1973 Ro80.

A special reception had been prepared for the two classic time travellers with Mazda Ambassador Nobuhiro Yamamoto leading the guests through the Mazda Museum whilst discussing the finer details of the unique drive concept, which Mazda pursued in the 1970s to the 2010s.

NSU Ro80

Mazda employees in Japan were said to be so enthusiastic about the couples achievement of the Deylen couple that they took the opportunity to create a special photo book with personal messages.

Frey Automobile Museum

The Japanese Mazda employees requested that the photo book should be handed over to Mr. von Deylen personally at Mazda Classic – Frey Automobile Museum. There the gift was presented by Yasuhiro Aoyama, President Mazda Motor Europe and Bernhard Kaplan, Managing Director Mazda Motors Germany on behalf of the employees in Japan to the Deylen couple, who of course had travelled to Augsburg with their Ro80.

NSU Ro80
NSU Ro80 in Japan

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