Full MOKE Production Returns To The United Kingdom

MOKE announces full production has returned to the UK

Full production of MOKE vehicles has now returned to the United Kingdom and will be produced at a state-of-the-art facility operated by the British automotive manufacturing services company, Fablink Group.

Fondly remembered by many as one of the 60s fun cars, the fashionable MOKE fast became the mode of transport for anyone seeking adaptable and simple ‘beach hopping’ in Europe, the Caribbean, the US, and Asia. To this day it remains the trendy automotive shuttle of choice.

The marque was revived back in 2017 with MOKE International’s production alternating between France and the Midlands seeing initial cars engineered in the UK and assembly taking place on the continent.


A move back to Blighty has only been made possible by UK government grant funding available from the Niche Vehicle Network, alongside the recent trade deal which allows UK automotive businesses tariff-free access to EU markets, based on defined rules of origin.

Popularity has grown from strength to strength with the ‘Longbridge lightweight’ now emerging as a must-have beachfront warrior. This has led to the creation of key commercial jobs to guide the brand through its next growth phase, including expansion into international markets.


Based in Northamptonshire, England, the Fablink group is already a leading Tier 1 supplier of automotive structures and complete vehicle assemblies to several global OEMs and provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, and engineering services to some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers including Jaguar Land Rover and Morgan.

With over 500,000ft of production space and around 700 highly skilled engineers, production operators, and technicians across six UK sites, the company says its ‘long-term commitment to MOKE production is reflected in key investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and processes, ensuring flexibility in response to client demand.’


Isobel Dando, CEO, MOKE International:
“The return of full MOKE production to British shores represents a homecoming for one of our nation’s best-loved icons. Since reviving the marque in 2017, we have re-captivated existing enthusiasts and introduced an entirely new generation to MOKE’s perfect combination of fun, utility, and open-air thrills. This has been reflected in significant demand from our home market, affirming our plans to light up beach resorts around the world through the global market introduction of the ultimate waterfront-to-beach house vehicle.”

MOKE customers can now specify a full range of colours and trim options throughout their chosen vehicle, including configurable individual shades for the car’s chassis, bumpers, central bars, and front grille – affording a nearly limitless scope to create truly individual interpretations of the MOKE’s iconic design.

MOKE Specifications:

Transmission: 4-speed Automatic
Engine: 4 cylinder, 1083cc
Fuel Economy: 34 mpg
Emissions standard: Euro 4
Top Speed: 68mph
Power: 67hp (50Kw) @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 93Nm @ 3500–4500 rpm

While the MOKE is powered by the trusty 4 cylinder 1083cc unit, the company could well move towards electrification if the trend continues. That said, the current and attractive £20,000 excluding local taxes and delivery price tag might be nearer £40K if it happens…

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