Future Classic Cars That Should Reward Shrewd Investors

classic cars
Future classic cars can be a sound investment if spotted for the right price

Unearthing future classic cars has recently become a leading investment strategy for shrewd middle aged petrol-heads looking to increase their bank balance without the stress of buying annuities, where the deal is a gamble on life expectancy.

Automotive data company hpi has compiled a list of vehicles which it thinks could prove to be future classics.

Motoring expert Clive Wilson identifies ten cars that are relatively cheap to acquire, are holding their values and could potentially become future collectors’ items, representing a potentially good buy for people willing to make an investment.

The list below includes some proven solid classic earners, such as the BMW Z3 and Peugeot 205 GTi, but like most things has some notable hand-grenades thrown into the eclectic mix.

Classic Cars – Delighted Owners

Classics can both under and over perform, as this original Peugeot 205 GTI proved giving it’s delighted owners an accelerated blood rush when a record auction price of £38,475 at Silverstone Auctions classic sale was achieved.

hpi’s future classics list and current value ranges:

 Westfield  £6000 –  £15000
 Vauxhall VX 220  £9000 –  £13000
 Peugeot 205 GTi  £4000 –  £9000
 Audi TT MKI 3.2  £3000 –  £6000
 BMW Z3  £1500 –  £6000
 Citroen C6  £4000 –  £8000
 Rover Mini  £3000 –  £8000
 Alfa Romeo GTV  £1000 –  £6000
 Nissan Cube  £2000 –  £5000
 Mazda RX8  £500 –  £3000

Clive Wilson commented:
“Classic cars have shot up in value over the last few years and in many cases represent a great investment opportunity.

“Classics in particular are snapped up by collectors and enthusiasts, so prices are constantly on the rise. The trick is how best to spot trends before they take place and maybe even try to redefine what is actually recognised as a classic. Future classics don’t necessarily have to be decades old, luxurious or expensive to begin with. Values of the Vauxhall VX 220 and Westfield sportscar have risen consistently over the past few years and worth keeping an eye on as we believe they will continue to rise in value.

“Whether it’s a particularly interesting or unusual design feature or has an element of engineering integrity behind it, picking up an affordable car now could potentially provide a healthy return on the original investment as it takes on classic status.”

It is worth remembering a ‘great investment opportunity‘ can soon become bottomless pit of good after bad money if certain attention to detail is not carefully adhered to.

hpi offers an online vehicle valuations service to give consumers the ability to buy and sell cars with utmost confidence offering them the inside view on the total cost of ownership of a vehicle during its lifespan along with precise depreciation figures.

The hpi valuations tool available at www.hpi.co.uk is aimed at consumers buying and selling cars in the used car market and minimises the risks that can see consumers paying over the odds or not getting the best-asking price.

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