German Court Rules Against Ferrari Using Testarossa Name


A German court has just brought the hammer down on Italian giants Ferrari saying it doesn’t have the exclusive rights to brand the word Testarossa on a number of its products.

Counter claimant toy company, Autec AG, contended that Ferrari had relinquished its use of the name Testarossa, claiming the Italian stallions had not produced the car since 1996.

Ferrari say the name is still actively used when dealing with parts replacement and other services.

Red Head

The term ‘red head’ is synonymous with the crimson colour of the famed prancing horses cars, but could now find its way to packaging of a variety of products on the shelf of your local toy shop.

So you could wash your hair with a Testarossa, shave your stubbly chin with a Testarossa, and even round your morning off driving to work in a Testarossa!

Flash Kudos

Classic cars don’t come much better than the average red Ferrari Testarossa, not that you’ll see many prowling your average neighbourhood, nonetheless a stand out motor when it comes gaining high level flash kudos amongst amongst material caring acquaintance.

Nowadays, Testarossa are up there with some of the world’s most expensive boys toys, selling in the eight figure range at selected auctions.

Ferrari is expected to appeal the decision.


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