Great Wall Of China Marks Beginning Of Peking To Paris Challenge

Peking to Paris
Peking to Paris

The Great Wall of China will mark the beginning of the 2022 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge reaching its conclusion in Paris on the 3rd July.

This will be the 8th anniversary of the event as its global reputation continues to grow. Spanning a gruelling 37 days, one more than the 2019 edition, the two-person crews and their classic/vintage machines pit themselves against difficult terrain, elements and their mental endurance in a bid to reach the finish.

Peking to Paris – Difficult Challenges

Organisers have already said the new course will embrace even more difficult challenges with navigational challenges true to the tradition of the event, culminating in a final route section that could prove to be straw that breaks the camels back for some weary teams.

Peking to Paris
Peking to Paris

The Peking to Paris is a truly international affair, with entries expected from across the globe including the US, China, Russia, Australia and all of Europe, competing across the world’s largest landmass in a wonderful spirit of international cooperation. 2022 will, in the very greatest spirit of this event, challenge and reward those who receive confirmed entries and build upon a successful 7th edition held in 2019.

Existing records were broken then, the completion of a hat-trick of wins for Australian Gerry Crown. Anton Gonnissen was also busy rewriting history by finishing the event on a pioneer trike 112 years after Auguste Pons failed to finish in 1907 and Mitch Gross breaking the distance record for the vintage steam-driven 1910 White Pullman car.

Honouring the Pioneers
The 2022 edition of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge will see the rejuvenation, rather than a reinvention of one the world’s premier endurance motoring events. Some sections of the 2019 event have been cast aside in favour of a route that makes the final section much more adventurous and open plan for 2022.

Route coordinator and deputy clerk of the course, Chris Elkins, who has been involved in all but one of the modern incarnations of the Peking to Paris, has devised the route which ultimately depends on granted permissions for approval, shared his thoughts saying:
“Our aim is to provide a tough and challenging event throughout the 37 days and also take in some new territory. The winning cars and crews will surely be tested to the limit, it is an endurance rally after all. However, if your aim is simply to make it to Paris, participants can be confident that our organisation will provide excellent logistical, medical and mechanical support to help you rise to the challenge.”

Entries for 2022 open today, but with 700 expressions of interest already, the 110 spaces will likely fill up fast.

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