GTO Engineering Release Sixties Inspired ‘Squalo’ Interior Sketches

GTO Engineering - Squalo
Squalo - Oxblood Leather Interior

GTO Engineering has finally released the first interior sketches of its sixties-inspired 4.0-liter quad-cam powered retro racer called ‘Squalo’…

The GTO team has stuck to its quality minimalistic ethos with every element said to be carefully designed and scrutinised to ensure perfect synergy is achieved with the Squalo’s character, as well as working with material selection and ensuring the cabin is a luxurious yet enjoyable place to be.

The sixties simplicity continues throughout the cabin area and includes buttons and switches rather than those ghastly oversized generic touchscreens that seem to have penetrated every car that rolls of the production line these days.

GTO Engineering - Squalo
Squalo – Green Leather Interior

Likewise, the touch-points of the steering wheel, dials, and relevant switches have been given the utmost consideration with a view to tactful ‘hidden technology’ within the cabin including sound system, smartphone integration, infotainment screen, and storage capacity being finalised in the coming months.

GTO Engineering Managing Director and Founder Mark Lyon:
Squalo drivers will spend more time inside the car than looking at it from the outside, so it was vital to us that we not only listened to our customers but also drew on our experience of driving sports cars to focus on what’s important within the cabin: simplicity and driver engagement.

As a bespoke, hand-crafted vehicle we want to make sure that every detail has been carefully thought out, and is continuing to be deliberated at length as we get closer to the product specification. We hope the drawings explain some of our thoughts and focus on craftsmanship as well as material selection

GTO Engineering Squalo

The design team is also working on a bespoke seating arrangement that fits comfortably and stylishly in the spacious cockpit, available in a range of leather colours and patterns. GTO Engineering is also critically mapping out placements for items like pedals, the steering wheel, and manual gearbox selector to ensure they’re in an optimised position for driver enjoyment.

The GTO Engineering Squalo will stick to the same principles since the car was announced: sub-1,000kg, with a manual gearbox, inspired by the Sixties sports cars of old but with modern engineering principles and materials. The Squalo will be powered by a bespoke V12 engine, built completely by the firm from the ground up at its UK HQ.

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