GTO Engineering’s Sixties Inspired V12 Is Called Squalo

GTO Engineering Squalo
GTO Engineering Squalo

Remember GTO Engineering’s sixties-inspired V12 codenamed Moderna? Well, the company has now confirmed the 4.0-liter quad-cam powered retro racer will be called ‘Squalo’.

Before we go any further, it’s worth pointing out Squalo means shark in Italian, which has nothing to do with the fictional Amity Island but does embrace the tenacious looks, power, and speed of the legendary Great White.

The team, who were previously using the codename Moderna for its all-new, sub-1,000kg, V12-powered car, has been working hard behind the scenes on updated surfaces and production-ready engine alongside a completely bespoke wheel and tyre package.

GTO Engineering Squalo

So is it worthy of that looks and title?
GTO Engineering and its design team have signed off on the all-important exterior aesthetics including the door handles, wing mirrors, as well as working on a bespoke alloy wheel, which will be available in 18”. The tyres, which will be produced by a leading manufacturer in conjunction with GTO Engineering are also in development.

The GTO Engineering Squalo will stick to the same principles since the car was announced: sub-1,000kg, with a manual gearbox, inspired by the Sixties sports cars of old but with modern engineering principles and materials. The Squalo will be powered by a bespoke V12 engine, built completely by the firm from the ground up at its UK HQ.

GTO Engineering Squalo

The engine has been announced as a quad-cam V12, but following the last update in February, it has had significant aesthetics and light-weighting engineering upgrades including the surround of the carbs removed to ensure you can see the open trumpets when the bonnet is opened. More news on the engine’s capacity, calculated bhp figures, as well as a target weight for the engine, will apparently be revealed in a few week’s time.

GTO Engineering Managing Director and Founder Mark Lyon said:
“There’s been an outpour of admiration for what we’re doing here and we realise a little bit of scepticism whether we’re actually making this: a V12-powered, sub-tonne sports car with the Sixties feel but modern reliability, enjoyment, and manufacturing quality. We’re here to hopefully set the record straight to say yes, it’s happening and we’re sticking to our original ethos for the car as well as timing promises for production. We are also delighted to have early adopters and customer orders received already, and we thank them for the trust in our vision and business.

“It’s often the small parts of a car that take the longest time. We’re now at a stage where the design models are being created here in the UK and soon we will announce our technical partners working with us on the exterior manufacturing and interiors, as well as wheels and tyres. In all my years working in the [automotive] industry, I’ve never been as excited about the creativity of manufacturing and design as I am now.”

GTO Engineering Squalo

This update follows the initial renderings and intentions for the new vehicle, which was initially announced back in November 2020. Since then, the team continues to grow with in-house and external consultants collaborating together, all working on the same goal to create one of the most exciting enthusiast cars of the decade, with the first customer deliveries in 2023.

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