Hand Built Bentley Blue Train Recreation Looks Stunning

Bentley Blue Train Recreation
Bentley Blue Train Recreation

The most authentic recreation of Bentley’s Speed 6 ‘Blue Train’ Special has been hand-built by European craftsman Racing Green Engineering as a limited edition production celebrating the famous and controversial race over 80 years ago.

Based on design and body by J. Gurney Nutting coachworks, the amazing machine boasts coachwork made from a combination of ash timber framing and hand-formed aluminum and is powered by the 180hp Bentley straight-8 engine.

Created by European specialists Racing Green Engineering, the Bentley is malevolently detailed to near perfection with black exterior and tobacco brown Connolly leather trim within the tastefully decorated cabin area.

Remarkable attention to detail has been paid with period cocktail cabinets containing pressed crystal glasses accompanying the elaborate passenger seating area and distinguished driving position.

Bentley Blue Train Recreation
Bentley Blue Train Recreation

Bentley V Blue Train

Whilst this incredible machine has been created in celebration of the much-discussed Bentley V Blue Train race, the exact machine used is still in doubt. Original ‘Bentley Boy’ and millionaire Barnato, the only man with a 100% record at Le Mans (three starts, three wins), wagered £200 on March 13th 1930 that he could outrun Le Train Bleu between St Raphael and Calais in his Bentley, and in the process reach London before the train achieved its destination.

Barnato managed to cover the 570 miles to Calais in record time (carefully arranging his fuel stops in advance), boarded a steamer and finished off his dash to London, arriving 700 miles later with an average speed of just over 43mph throughout the length of France. Needless to say, Barnato arrived in London four minutes before the train reached Calais.

Bentley 'Blue Train' Recreation
Bentley ‘Blue Train’ Recreation

Despite some controversy surrounding which car Barnato completed the race in, the coachbuilt Bentley Speed 6 Gurney Nutting to this day remains the most closely associated with the race and is possibly the most legendary road-going Bentley in history. Others believe the actual car that was historically involved the race was, in fact, Barnato’s Speed Six H. J. Mulliner saloon.

Matters were confused even further when artist Terence Cuneo painted the race clearly showing the Gurney Nutting Coupé just ahead of the train. A truly incredible story which makes this particular recreation even more desirable.

Bentley Speed 6 Blue Train
Bentley Speed 6 Blue Train by Terence Cuneo

The car Bentley’s Speed 6 ‘Blue Train’ Special has just been given centre stage on Canepa where you can request details and pricing.

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Images courtesy of Canepa